Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Always My Little Girl

Over the years, Drama Queen has flexed her muscles with me. She's pushed my buttons and challenged my ideas and held her ground. As we entered her teen years, her strength made me wonder if I have any influence over her at all.

And just when I think she doesn't need me any more, she shows me otherwise. A text sharing personal information, a lingering in my presence, tell me I carry some weight with her. She may not say it, but there are days this girl just wants her mommy.

That knowledge comforts me, now that she's grown up, ready to leave our home in the next few months. She's a capable, smart young woman who can handle a lot on her own, but she will always be my little girl.

God is good. Thank You Lord.


Carey Helmink said...

A beautiful mom AND daughter. Love you both! And so proud of you both. Amazing women!

Annie said...

She is so beautiful! You have such a wonderful family. I'm glad I made it down to spend a little bit of time with you for the graduation. Made me miss your family.