Friday, May 20, 2011

7 Quick Takes (Volume 134)--The Graduation Edition

1) We got the girl graduated! Talk about a wonderful, full, emotional, exhausting week!

2) My first tears came as my husband subjected me to the torture of watching the video he made for our party. I kept putting it off knowing what it would do to me and I was right. Thirty seconds into it, I was a blubbering mess.

"Oh, look at her. Look how cute she is. Oh, that was my favorite little dress of hers when she was little. Oh, oh, oh . . ." You get the picture. I guess it entertained the kids, but yikes.

And what is it about those stupid gowns that brings the waterworks? The minute she walked into the auditorium for Baccalaureate I was a goner. The same thing happened at Commencement. I saw her beautiful smiling face in the doorway, she spotted me and raised an eyebrow and my nose started burning. All done up in her cap and gown and cords and medallions and tassels . . . it got to me, I tell you!

3) Naturally we've been poring over old pictures and here's one of my favorite finds.

Don't you love it?! CLASSIC Drama Queen pose.

4) One major stress point of the weekend was the unusually cool weather. We planned our party to be in AND outside, but with temperatures hovering around fifty, we were sweating how that would work. We have a big house, but not big enough to accommodate hoards of people inside.

Our wonderful friends came to the rescue, bringing over two fire pits and a propane heater to set among our tables outside and it ended up adding ambiance to the entire evening. I regret to say with all the commotion I didn't get any pictures, but trust me, with lights and paper lanterns hanging from our back porch, gerber daisies and confetti gracing the tables, and fires gently crackling, it was a festive atmosphere.

Here are some shots I took AFTER the party to give you an idea of how things looked.

5) It's been a standard joke at our house that while eating, if you get food on yourself three times, Kevin will cover you in a garbage bag. Drama Queen has been the only recipient of his threat so far and of course her reaction made it something our family recalls fondly.

After church Sunday morning, Drama Queen didn't want to change to eat lunch, but didn't want to get anything on her white dress before Commencement, so Kevin recreated one of the kids' favorite memories.

She was a good sport about it and BONUS, her dress was spotless for Commencement.

6) Our kids have been fortunate to grow up with all their grandparents living nearby. No celebration would be complete without their presence.

Apparently Drummer Boy was feeling neglected. He's being a creeper in this picture.

7) Oh Drama Queen, how we love you. Though the passage of time makes your mother sad, I know you have a bright future. I am so proud of you. Go get 'em sister!

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