Monday, May 23, 2011

What If There is No Big Thing?

I've spent a lot of time asking God to show me what my purpose in life is. What is the big thing I'm supposed to accomplish on earth? What did He create me for? What can I do that no one else can?

I suspect you've asked the same questions. We all yearn for significance, for the reason God put us here. We want to know our lives matter. We've all heard stories of people experiencing close calls and we remark, "God must not be done with them yet. He must have a bigger plan."

But what if there's no big thing? What if His only call for you is, "Follow Me?" What if our daily actions, over the course of our lifetimes, produce a beautiful work which may only be significant to God?

What if comforting a hurting child is big in His eyes? Or giving a stranger a ride home? What if He deems feeding your family or listening to a friend as noteworthy? What if consistently producing blog posts without knowing how they're taken, means something to Him? None would qualify any of these activities as a "big thing," yet I wonder how God sees them. Do ordinary works, compiled day after day throughout our years, earn us the coveted "Well done, good and faithful servant" when we get to heaven? Isn't that the biggest thing we could strive toward?

Trusting God means trusting Him to take every single day and make it count in His economy. I don't have to be a best-selling author or award-winning playwright or sought after counselor for my work to be valuable. I only have to be faithful to do what is before me TODAY. He will shape all my todays into something significant.

There is no big thing for each of us, my friends. All He asks is to persist in doing what's before us each day. While this may never seem important to our fellow man (and some days not even to us!), we can be confident God sees. He knows. He makes it matter.

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