Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The Beauty of Faithfulness

True confession time.

There are lots of mornings my computer is more appealing than my Bible. I can't tell you how many times I've been tempted to skip church. Some days I'm a little ticked at God or disappointed in myself and praising Him is tough. I've silently complained on MANY occasions about having to do the right thing, wishing I could do what was easiest instead. There are tons of days I'd rather play on Facebook than write a blog post.

Yet if I don't do what I know to be right, if I neglect God and what He's asked me to do, why would He want to use me? Why would He show Himself to someone who gives Him nothing?

A runner does not finish a marathon without training. A house does not stay clean by itself. A child does not grow over night. A building is not completed in three days. Each take long-term, consistent attention. My relationship with God is no different.

If I want to hone a good relationship with Him, if I want to be included in His work, I cannot expect Him to do all the giving, can I? I cannot shirk my responsibilities, not even for one day.

To the faithful you show yourself faithful . . .

Proverbs 18:25

To the FAITHFUL--the persistent, consistent, trusting--He shows Himself faithful. I have a hard time being strong and self-disciplined and wise, but if I work to be faithful, I can be sure God will bring about changes in me. If I prove I take Him seriously by continually seeking Him, learning about Him, doing what He tells me, He'll show me more of Himself.

And when I'm not sure I have it in me, I remember faithfulness is built one day, one action at a time, in quiet moments alone with Him, in obedience no one sees. It comes as a result of saying yes to Him today, and then doing it again tomorrow and the next day and the next, for the rest of my life.

If I am faithful, I am promised His faithfulness. What is better than that?!

Make it so, Lord, make me faithful.

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mamas*little*treasures said...

Good morning Tami! I am so happy to be able to participate in IOW again after several weeks of other obligations that kept me away. Thank you for this Scripture verse - it has special significance to our family this week as we have just experienced God's faithfulness in restoring relationships that we have prayed for so many years. Although it has been difficult, we have tried to remain faithful to our loved ones through prayer and ongoing acts of love and kindness, and after such a very long time, God has been faithful in honoring our commitment to these relationships and brought healing and restoration. It seems that so frequently these IOW quotes are just exactly what we need to hear and this is definitely one of those times for our family! Thanks for hosting this week ;o) Hugs, Nina

Carol said...

Thank-you for your choice of Bible verse and thoughtful words. It is so true-- "one day, one action at a time, in quiet moments alone with Him".

It is good to begin the day with these thoughts.

peace and joy

Karen said...

You are so right, faithfulness is built one day at a time. Often one circumstance at a time. As much as we would like to pick and choose we don't get that choice to turn it on and off at random. I've had those days you described, it takes great discipline to go on and do what we know is right which is being faithful on all occasions like it or not. Thanks for hosting today, good hearing from you.