Friday, October 21, 2011

7 Quick Takes (Volume 155)

1) I've enjoyed watching Miss Innocent One coming into her own lately, able to crack a joke with her siblings who tend to treat her like the dumb, little sister. She got a good one in when Ladies Man opened the ketchup bottle and a bit of it squirted him in the eye (a great feat since he wears glasses!). Miss Innocent One didn't miss a beat with her observation.

Miss Innocent One: Yeah. That's probably why Japanese kids only get two packets.

2) I think Ladies Man set a new sleeping record. He came home from school last Thursday and promptly fell asleep in the chair. How can this be comfortable?

About an hour later, I spent 30 minutes trying to wake him up. He finally obliged, ate a little supper and then fell asleep again. I woke him up a little after six and said if he was really that tired maybe he should go to bed. So he did! He slept until 5:30 the next morning, got something to eat and went back to bed. At 6:45 I struggled to get him up for school. He managed to drag himself up and out, but about 45 minutes later called to say he wasn't feeling well. Kevin picked up him, brought him home and he went promptly to bed again until 1:00 that afternoon. That's like 16 hours sleep in a 24 hour period!

Thankfully whatever bug he contracted was cured by all this sleeping. He was in bed early again Friday night and felt much better by Saturday. And the rest of us have been fine, so far . . . well, if you don't count all my grouchy days this week.

3) Since our family is slowly leaving the nest, I thought it important to bind us together in a fun way. I want to stay connected and feel like we know what's going on in each others' lives. To this end, I created a private group on Facebook called the Boesiger bunch and planned to pose a weekly question.

But EPIC FAIL! Only one of my children actually did it! Drama Queen is perfect, baby angel child this week, folks. She gets props for not only doing it, but chiding the others for NOT doing it. I think Kevin only answered out of obligation because he knew I was disappointed.

Who knew they wouldn't want to answer my questions?! DUH! What was I thinking? They don't like to do that in real life. Why would they do it on Facebook? I'm switching gears for this week with a different idea. We'll see how it works.

4) Congratulations to Drama Queen who bought her first car last weekend!

It's nothing fancy, but she paid for it entirely on her own and is tickled pink.

Drama Queen: It just makes me giggle every time I get in it!

And it's true! Last week when she came home from work, her smile was visible from the kitchen. Enjoy it, babe. Nice purchase. I'm proud of you!

5) We had a rare family dinner with our whole clan Monday night when Drummer Boy and Drama Queen had fall break. As predicted, Ladies Man felt the need to entertain his older siblings and did so with a little ditty on his guitar entitled, "No One Loves Me." Drummer Boy captured a tiny portion of this concert on his phone. For those of you not familiar with our family, Ladies Man's real name starts with a T while the other three start with a K. For years I've been telling him he goes with me, but I guess at 15, being paired with your mother is not so wonderful. He likes to tease us saying we don't love him as much since he is the only kid who plays guitar instead of piano, plays a brass instrument and whose name starts with T. Oh brother. Obviously Kevin and I are not falling for his guilt bait as this clip fully illustrates. Keep in mind we've been listening to this song for several minutes by now.

You think I should change his name to Drama King? Things of this sort are not that rare here, as evidenced by Miss Innocent One's comment on Drummer Boy's Facebook page after posting the video:

Miss Innocent One: Just another normal day at the Boesiger house!!

6) Drama Queen: Do you know what I really miss since I've gone to college?

Oooey gooey feelings flooded me, imagining what wonderful mothering things I've done for her. Could it be the way I fold her t-shirts, a favorite food, late night talks in her bedroom?

Drama Queen: Good toilet paper!

Do you see how fast she flushed my dream of a parenting victory?

7) While my older two kids had Monday and Tuesday off, my younger ones had Wednesday through today off. Miss Innocent One has been quite social having friends over. Yesterday she and a friend made chocolate chip cookies and as I sat in my office, the scent floated upstairs and taunted me. Not fair! I may need to set some ground rules for cooking while I'm hard at it in my office!

I let them play on my computer while I cleaned up dinner dishes and later found these. Apparently this is an activity of choice among she and her friends. All of these were taken in the last week.

Obviously these kids need more to do! Next time, CLEANING PARTY! Boo yah!

That does it for me, friends. Enjoy your weekend and wander over to Conversion Diary for more Quick Takes.

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Kathleen Basi said...

Hey, don't knock nice toilet paper. :) :) :) My 6yo notices the difference. I think that's significant! LOL

Your family is awesome, even if they don't answer your questions. I love my weekly smile.