Monday, October 24, 2011

A Sister Project

Drama Queen and Miss Innocent One are five and a half years apart. Drama Queen was enamored with her baby sister, but I've wondered how the two of them would get close, especially when Drama Queen moved away to college.

I shouldn't have given it much thought. God has a way of working these things out, doesn't He?

Friday night the girls ended up home by themselves to which Drama Queen responded, "Great. Miss Innocent One can help me with a project."

Uh oh. What was she up to? I shook off the anxiety, knowing Drama Queen to be responsible and headed out the door. We returned to this on the back door:

But when we walked in, there they were, giggling and eating ice cream cones from McDonald's. They sat in a chair working on Drama Queen's computer, yucking it up the whole time. After a few minutes they announced they were ready to show us their project.

I guess when Drama Queen saw our pictures last week of planking, owling and lamping, she would not be outdone and wanted to get her own licks in. She thinks she dominates with the plank on top of the antique file cabinet. Okay, I'll give it to her. Pretty good.

The best part for me was not the silly pictures, but the bonding that took place between them. They had a blast as evidenced by their comments.

Miss Innocent One: Thanks for the awesome night fart nugget!!!

Drama Queen: You're welcome turdface!

This is exactly what I was hoping for (well, minus the potty names) when I prayed for Drama Queen to get a sister. Since she moved out, I thought it may be harder for them to be close, but it's proven to be better. They talk on Facebook. They're more intentional about their time at home because it isn't every day. Once Miss Innocent One gets a phone, they'll be texting. And now, since they don't live in the same place anymore, they do "projects" when the opportunity presents itself.

Well done, girls. One goofy project put a stake in the ground of your relationship.

And I'm so glad.

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