Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Never Over

Picking my daughter up from school, I pulled into the parking lot, never suspecting to be moved, approaching it like any other task of the day. Many parents had their windows down, soaking in the last bits of warmth of the season. The radio in the car next to me gently sang, lulling me in my own seat, releasing me from any hurry to leave.

"Dad," the boy in the front seat of the neighboring car said suddenly, "How was court today?"

The radio filled the empty space.

"Dad, how was court?"

His father mumbled something then said, "It was okay."

"So are you and Mom finally divorced?"

Another pause and some mumbling.

"It's all over, bud," his dad said.

It didn't seem to bother the boy (yet he was the one to bring it up), but my heart broke. I don't know them at all, don't even know their names, but I ached for them. The weariness in the dad's voice, the boy's word choice, finally divorced, told me it hadn't been an easy road. Even as I sit here days later, the tears well in my eyes at the sadness of it all, the lives forever changed.

"It's all over, bud."

But it's not. It will continue in a different way. The conflicts and hurt feelings will still be there. They'll all have to work at getting along. They'll figure it out and adjust and it will be okay, but today I grieve with them. I weep for their loss and their pain and pray God brings healing. I pray He makes good of it.

Satan laughs, delighted at another family's demise. His attack has been strong and swift and destructive. He won that battle.

"It's all over, bud."

It's never over, just different. And before this family adjusts, Satan will pounce on another one.

How can we make sure it's not ours?

Photo Credit: quapan


e-Mom said...

So true, Tami B. So sad. Those of us who have lived through our parents' divorces know it in our bones.

Satan comes to kill, steal and destroy... as you point out, he's the real enemy in every trial we face.

Thanks for staying happily married, my friend!!!

Pia said...

nothing is too hard for God to fix. i've always believed that. it will only be over when you, yourself, give up.