Friday, November 25, 2011

7 Quick Takes (Volume 160)--The Thanksgiving Edition

1) We spent Thanksgiving at Kevin's parents' house. You know how families tend to congregate in the kitchen? Get a load of these pictures with the grandkids and my mom.

Can you tell these cousins haven't seen each other in a while?

2) Remember Ladies Man's mishap with a frozen turkey last week? How's this for funny? Our youth group leaders gave us the turkey! We didn't cut into it for Thanksgiving, but we will eat that guy. Oh yes we will.

Can you imagine this frozen hunk whacking you in the head? No wonder Ladies Man complained of headaches for a few days. The scar, however, is healing nicely.

3) Are you a Black Friday shopper? We've done it when there was a deal on something we couldn't afford without the deep discount, but I'm not a big lover of shopping. My poor mother spent years with me, fingering racks and sighing, finding something wrong with everything without trying anything on (I'm SO SORRY, Mom!). I still fight the tendency. Truth be told, I often pray before venturing out to clothes shop. I've got too many bad memories from childhood of having a hard time finding anything to fit my pudgy frame. My husband says I look for reasons NOT to buy things. Does anyone understand why a man would have a problem with that?!

4) I got some great pics of our family. First just the kids, arranged in birth order--Drummer Boy, Drama Queen, Ladies Man and Miss Innocent One.

Proof that boys will always be boys.

Who love to harass their sisters.

One of me with my girls.

And Kevin and the boys.

5) Should one be concerned when they see a sign like this at their mother-in-law's house?

And here's why it should probably stay a secret. Drummer Boy needed an ugly sweater for a pep band gig, so Grandma suggested he look through her closet. Why, I don't know! She's a little bitty thing! Here's the one Drummer Boy decided to use.

Of course, Ladies Man had to get in on the fun.

Then their cousin joined in. Is this just ridiculous or what? Three big guys in teeny Grandma's sweaters. You think she has a soft spot for her grandsons?

6) And yet another reason what happens at Grandma's stays at Grandma's. Drummer Boy and Grandma have a race eating a pickle. (Email subscribers will have to click over to the blog to see this video.)

Yes, we are a crazy bunch. Now you see where it comes from. Go Grandma!

7) Surely you knew this was coming. Gotta plug the musical another time. It opens in less than a week!

Hope to see you there!

I hope your Thanksgiving was as enjoyable as ours. Read more Quick Takes at Conversion Diary.

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