Wednesday, November 02, 2011

When God Speaks

He gets my attention in unusual ways--a strange turn of phrase, an amazing sight, a surprising action by a friend, too many coincidences to be coincidence. I know He's trying to tell me something, but what?

How do you interpret it when God speaks?

The answer comes in phases, over a period of time. Sometimes it makes sense, other times, not so much. But Scripture always supports it. My gut tells me it's more than a fleeting thought.

What do you do when God speaks?

I pray, but there's no audible voice, no handwriting on the wall, no trumpets announcing my next move. I just know I'm affected and my thoughts wander in the same direction and I don't feel right until I've either done what He's asked or keep pursuing His answer.

How do I know what's next when God speaks?

I talk to Him directly. I don't get what You're saying, God, but I know You're trying to tell me something. Make it clear. Guide me to Your message. I read my Bible. I pray. I listen. New conviction tells me only the next step. Is it because I can't handle the whole map? Is it too much? Too scary? Too hard to understand? If I knew what was ahead, could I do it anyway?

How do you proceed when God speaks?

I do what I know and wait patiently. I think of Mary and ponder what's happened, how He works, what I can do. I pay attention and beg Him not to let me miss it.

And I wait. And repeat.

If I stay attuned, if I keep asking for the answers, won't they come eventually?

What do you do when God speaks?

Photo Credit: Fergal of Claddagh

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