Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Why Pray?

I pray for people.

But often it doesn't seem like it makes a difference. I wonder how much good it does when God will do what God will do. Compared to an omniscient God, how do I know what's best for another? Does it really matter what I pray?

Yet when people I love are hurting, there's only so much I can do. I can't always be present for hugs or encouraging words. I can rarely fix the problem. How do you love when there's nothing else to do?

You pray.

“And why should the good of anyone depend on the prayer of another? I can only answer with the return question. ‘Why should my love be powerless to help another?’ ”

George MacDonald

The good of another is not dependent upon my prayer. I don't possess any special connection with God that will make anyone's wishes come true. But my prayers, my attention to the welfare of another, are a loving action. It's something. Time, distance and resources may limit how we can love others, but prayers are limitless.

I can't explain how prayer works or why God tells us to do it, but I will pray, knowing His ways are best.

And I'll love others by doing so.

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Sunflower Faith said...

Beautiful insight about this week's quote and yes, sometimes the best thing we can do is pray...if anything, it is a constant reminder to whomever, they really aren't alone and we are there with them, by them and for them.

Cin said...

"And I'll love others by doing so.

Know what, Tami? It's THIS solidity that I admire in you. It's so shoot from the hip, so confident in where you stand. And it's something I simply don't own skin deep consistently. And I am haunted by the Adam sin of "Am I good enough?" Does that make sense? To know that yes, this evil, whether it is a trivial blip of bounced check or a bigger question of am I following God's path, I can battle right now in shudder & shimmie of faith real.
Your solid stance of wherever you are - in the grumpies or in the flutter joy - I absolutely adore about you. Absolutely.
Thank you so much for participating today. I know for you it was no-brainer.

Carol said...

I so appreciate the way you have stated the obedience of praying when we don't know the impact. I know that many people prayed for us during Steven's illness. My husband and I have grown in faith and each of our children are following the Lord. God is good.