Friday, January 06, 2012

7 Quick Takes (Volume 165)

1) Drama Queen and Ladies Man attended Snowball last weekend, a dance that's bigger than prom in our little community. Here's Drama Queen with her date. This girl gets more beautiful every year. Of course if I tell her that I get, "Yeah, whatever!"

And here's Ladies Man with his date. You may remember them as Posture Princess and Backman from a few summers ago (see #2). Boy have these two changed.

Get a load of their shoes!

Of course anytime Drama Queen and Ladies Man are together, there has to be shenanigans (oh brother, do I sound 90 years old or what?!).

Let me say it for Drama Queen. CREEPER!

And they humored us with an obligatory picture with the 'rents.

2) Ladies Man grabbed the last of the cherry fluff salad, eating it out of the dish.

Kevin: What are you doing? What if somebody else wants some?

Ladies Man: Do you want some, darling?

Kevin: No thanks, sweetie.

Ladies Man: Okay, then, pumpkin.

Brings tears to the eyes, doesn't it?

3) Our "little friend" (see #4) has still been eating away in our pantry and we've been unable to catch him. He won't wander into the humane trap we set for him. Since our friends found their hamster and I was sick of throwing away food that has been nibbled on, I resorted to the good old fashioned trap (So sorry, Rachelle. Drastic measures were needed.). And now, for better or worse, problem solved.

Should I apologize to those of you with squeamish stomachs?

4) With a break from our normal routine, Miss Innocent One and I have been busy on some projects. First we repainted her room and moved a larger bed in for her. This picture actually shows the only wall we DIDN'T paint, but is a nice shot of her bed taken with her new ipod.

She got a mini sewing machine for Christmas, so we tackled a sewing project together too. This thing ended up being a little beyond us, but we persevered thus far to get this much done.

This is nearly two days work (and not yet finished), which tells you our level of expertise, but we've had fun doing it and hope to have a cool bag when we're finished.

5) Drummer Boy had a great time at the Capital One Bowl, even though the game was a downer. Here he is with his snare drum buddies, minus one guy who wasn't able to make the trip.

He came back with a tan which made me slightly jealous and tales of New Year's Eve at Universal Studios. Only a college kid would find it entertaining that a little kid nearly puked on him. It was a quick trip with little sleep, but full of goofiness as this picture illustrates.

I should give a shout out to Drummer Boy's friends who posted these on Facebook. Thank you!

And speaking of Facebook, Ladies Man called me out the other day about my online activity, insinuating that I was a creeper.

Me: Hey, I've been very upfront that the only reason I have Facebook is to stalk you guys. Besides, how would I ever get any pictures of Drummer Boy otherwise?

And believe it or not, there was no objection from Drummer Boy, just a chuckle. Yeah, I think he still likes his mommy. Even if I do stalk him on Facebook.

6) Me: Drama Queen, you missed the tutorial on checking your oil.

Drama Queen (unimpressed): Yeah?

Me: Dad showed the boys.

Drama Queen: It's a guy thing then.

Me: No. You need to know too.

Kevin: Yeah. Besides, if we were that manly we would have taken ours shirts off while we were doing it.

7) Oh boy, it's been hard to get back into my usual routine since the holidays. I've so enjoyed having my older kids home and find myself buying all kinds of junk food I normally wouldn't just because I want them to be happy to be here too. But alas, all good things must come to an end. Drummer Boy left last night and Drama Queen will leave Sunday. It will free up some time for me and I'm trying to focus on that positive, but I'm wondering if I'll ever lose that tug on my heart as they leave our house to live somewhere else. Growing pains are tough.

I hope you all have a glorious weekend. Catch more Quick Takes at Conversion Diary.


Kathleen Basi said...

We actually saw some bands this weekend...wish I'd had my head on straight, I'd have gone looking for the Nebraska band, just b/c I'm stalking YOU! ;)

Cin said...

I love hanging out with your family on Fridays. I think I could plank...I believe I could compose silly songs...And I know I could snark and giggle in your kitchen!
Beautiful weekend to you, Friend.