Friday, January 27, 2012

7 Quick Takes (Volume 168)

1) Kevin and I were walking through an antique mall when suddenly he pulled up close behind me, his mouth near my ear, leaned over my shoulder, pointed to a cross stitched picture and softly read its sentiment.

Kevin: Every little thing she does is magic.

Me (thinking it a fun, flirty moment and trying to play along): I just can't help it.

Kevin: Is that a nice way of saying your wife's a witch?

Way to kill the mood, bub. Thanks a lot.

2) I have set a new record! Would you believe I spent 4 and a half hours on the phone one night this week? That's 4.5 HOURS! In one sitting! That may be something no woman in her right mind should admit. In my defense, I must tell you it was my college roommate who I've seen only once since college, and that was 13 years ago. We only talk a few times a year. Perhaps we should do it more often for shorter spurts, but I'm not sure that would help. Now that our kids are not hanging all over us while we're trying to talk, there's no stopping us. Rest assured our discussion was enlightening and meaningful and thought-provoking and profound and encouraging and I'm pretty sure we solved all of the worlds problems. Love you, Penny.

3) Kevin and Ladies Man are still working hard at their P90X routine. Ladies Man is seeing new definition in his triceps and Kevin pointed out a new line in his side that hints of toner abs. Oh brother. It hardly seems fair. I've been working out regularly since 1994 and have seen improvement in myself over the years, but seeing positive effects in one week? Can your life get any easier when only 6 DAYS of commitment brings positive results?

It's like when men decide to diet and lose twice the weight a woman would. And they probably cheated at least three times in one week. And ate Cheetos. And Little Debbies. Meanwhile, women starve themselves for a month to see any measurable difference and feel guilty for craving a candy kiss. Totally unfair.

But I'm not bitter. Really.

4) Speaking of P90X, Miss Innocent One and I joined them for a 90 minute yoga session yesterday and I thought we kept up very well. Miss Innocent One is quite flexible! Can I hear a whoop, whoop for girl power?! But 90 minutes is a LOT of yoga! I don't know if it was the hippy music in the background or the slow movements and holds, but I thought we'd never get done. The first half was tons and I mean TONS of up and down planks and runner's stretches and upward dogs and downward dogs, lifting and holding legs in places they were never meant to be held. Then we moved on to balance positions where I heard myself saying, "You're supposed to put what where? How in the world are you supposed to do that? My leg won't go that way. How LONG must we hold this? Is this ever going to be over?"

Finally after what seemed like HOURS of getting too acquainted with my own body, we started the slowing down, cooling exercises which involved "the corpse." You lay flat on your back and relax your entire body.

This is my favorite part of yoga.

And then at the very end, we were supposed to release our energy in some way and the host suggested vocalizing some kind of sound. I don't think we did this part quite right, as Kevin started hollering like a crazy man and I was yelling, "Hallelujah! We're finally done!" Somehow I'm not sure that was the calming energy we were supposed to be expelling.

But we completed the 90 minutes and I'm pretty sure I'll have a new ripple somewhere today. It seems to work for the boys.

5) I got an anonymous letter in the mail yesterday. I've had some not so nice anonymous letters in the past, so they make me wary. When Kevin handed it to me he said, "Uh oh. What is this?" I braced myself as I slid the letter opener into the envelope. Inside was a tiny piece of paper.

I'm not sure if you'll be able to read this, but they are clippings about discounts offered at our local Salvation Army. Remember when I was jabbering about the weird discount Kevin got there a few weeks ago? (See #2.) The last line of the bottom paper reads "20% off total sale for persons 19 to 54 years of age." It was a legitimate discount! I laughed out loud, I tell you!

I don't know which of you sent me this, but thank you. I found it hysterical. And now I am well informed.

6) I'm missing Drama Queen and Drummer Boy this week. It's stupid, really, as they are less than an hour's drive away. I am such a putz. But I love you guys!

7) We have a pretty low-key weekend planned. Pretty excited about it, actually. I may be home most of the day on Saturday. Do you hear the angels singing? Wait, Kevin says angels don't sing in the Bible (which is why God desires our praises). They are always SAYING Glory to God in the highest. Hmmm, maybe I should research that a little before our next yoga session. If you can't get good energy release imitating angels, where can you get it?

And with that, I think I should be done before I say something that may warrant an anonymous letter. Have a terrific weekend, friends, and find more Quick Takes at Conversion Diary.

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Kathleen Basi said...

Love #s 3 and 4! My husband drops weight disgustingly quickly, so I feel your pain.