Friday, February 10, 2012

7 Quick Takes (Volume 170)

1) It's been Adventures With Vehicles Week at our house. We scheduled our van to get the deer damage repaired and the day before it went in, Ladies Man's car sprouted some weird power issue. We took both vehicles into the shop the same day, leaving us with a junky, run down truck we couldn't all fit into. No worries, though. We knew it was temporary and might be inconvenient, but we could make it work. But then Kevin came home and said the battery in the truck was acting up.

Now I must tell you that car problems are one of my biggest anxieties in life. Not only do they leave you stranded, but you can bet they'll cost you at least a hundred bucks. I told Kevin the other night that when I become a widow (yes, I've already decided he's going to die first) I'm going to need a really nice car that I don't have to worry about. I want dependability in my transportation, I tell you!

So one might think I was in a state of alarm about our vehicle situation (and I was for a brief moment), but when I thought about the irony of ALL of our vehicles having issues in the same week, it was just plain funny. I mean, what are the odds?

So we hold our breath every time we start the dumb thing and I've learned not to panic when I get a half-hearted moan out of the ignition. I just try again. And it hasn't let us sit yet. When it does start up, the whole neighborhood knows, as the muffler must be shot. Every day Miss Innocent One announces Kevin is home from work before he's even in the driveway cause you can hear him coming. It just goes to show you life is about perspective. Last week we found the muffler annoying. This week it's a joyous indication we may get where we need to go.

2) Another annoying distinguishing characteristic about the truck is its manual transmission. With the loud muffler I'm reminded of little boys playing with toy trucks and the noises they make as the gears shift. It sounds like a manly, man truck and I've seen people do a double take when they see me behind the wheel. I even shocked my neighbor one day. The gear shift of this thing is longer than my arm and I can handle it, baby, oh yes I can. But for some reason, Kevin says I'm reckless when I drive it. He says I gun it too fast and leave everyone in the cab flopping. I blame it on bad shocks, but he says otherwise.

If I want some freedom to go anywhere in the day, I've got to drive him to work, which makes him feel like a little boy being dropped off at school by his mommy. So, take that, Mr. Oh-you-stupid-woman-who-thinks-she's-a-truck-driver. Watch it, buddy. I have a truck and I know how to use it!

3) I've strived to be the same person at home that I am outside of our home. I'm not sure if I've achieved it. Half my kids are out of the house now and I see that they read this blog, which makes me wonder if they are ever surprised at what comes out here. Do they read and think, "Who the heck is THAT woman?"

4) Ladies Man had a terrible cold and bugged out of he and Kevin's P90X workouts early in the week, so I took his spot for three sessions to give my poor husband some company and see if I too can develop rock hard abs in a matter of days. Though I'm getting some good workouts (sadly, no wondrous ripples yet), I'm finding it hard to exercise with my husband. We end up laughing at each other too much.

The other day we were doing "banana rolls." You start on your back and lift your arms and legs to the air, making sure your shoulders are off the ground. This may not sound so tough, but try doing it for thirty seconds, then rolling to your hip and holding it without letting your limbs touch the floor and repeating the process for what seems like forever. Every time we rolled, Kevin let out a grunt and I couldn't help but laugh which totally destroyed my otherwise impeccable form (yeah, let's say that).

The video itself creates some chuckles. About the time the hot shots on the video are able to reach places you can only dream of, the host says something like, "Now if you can only go to here, that's perfectly fine." Ha! Well it's a good thing! The phrase has permeated every area of our lives. "If you don't want to finish your cereal, that's perfectly fine. If your hair doesn't look up to snuff, that's perfectly fine. If your kid is annoyed with you, that's perfectly fine." Now whenever the guy says it on our DVD, we bust out laughing. When you have to take a laughing break, you're missing out on some muscle building I'm sure.

Hey, maybe that's why my ripples aren't appearing yet. But I'm not sweating it. After all, it's perfectly fine if it takes a few weeks to get incredibly buff.

5) I got an anonymous comment yesterday that has me dumbfounded.

"Have you ever thought about seeking professional psychiatric help? Maybe you should."

Yikes! I don't think I'm crazy and if I am I think I'd rather be blissfully ignorant. This person would be horrified to know how many times I've kicked around the idea of seeking an advanced degree in counseling. To my dear anonymous friend--Please don't worry about me. I think I'm okay. I may overanalyze a bit, but I live a happy, blessed life. And if I'm slipping, I have full confidence in the quality people around me who would get me help.

6) Somehow the school system continually gyps us out of Valentine's Day. I can't tell you how many Valentine's Days we have spent at parent-teacher conferences. This year we were happy to see conferences scheduled the week before, but still weren't out of the woods. They scheduled a high school band concert instead. Boo.

It's okay, really. We've rarely celebrated the holiday in a terribly romantic way. We've always had a rehearsal or Bible study or school event. We're used to it. We usually do something a little early anyway because we got engaged on February 9th. Kevin tells me meant to propose on Valentine's Day, but just couldn't wait. I don't know why, but that always makes me smile.

And yes, we went out for dinner last night since we were able to knock off parent-teacher conferences earlier in the week. He even brought home flowers and while handing them to me said, "Thanks for saying yes." Who can resist that?! Man, I like that guy, even when he mocks my truck driving skills.

7) As I look over today's Quick Takes, I realize there are no long drawn out stories about my kids, no bantering or silly conversations. This gives me great hope. I may still have a life after they all leave.

Unless I'm in the funny farm.

Have a great weekend, friends, and find more Quick Takes at Conversion Diary.

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