Friday, February 24, 2012

7 Quick Takes (Volume 172)

1) The biggest news in our house this week was the arrival of a new nephew/cousin! Welcome Lawton Robert Kubik, born three weeks early at 8.5 pounds, 22 inches.

Isn't he just the sweetest thing ever?! We are SOOOOOO happy for you, Jeff and Trisha!

2) I got my computer back (Thank you, Brent!), but now I'm making up for lost time and killing my eyes! They have been SO SORE. By the end of the day, I've got eyeliner and mascara smeared all over from rubbing them. And I'm probably breaking up tissue around my eyes, causing more wrinkles.

Who says there are no occupational hazards for writers? Extra wrinkles around tired raccoon eyes and don't forget about spreading backsides. I have been using a stability ball for a chair sometimes, but I'm still on my rear. That can't be good.

3) I've thoroughly enjoyed playing reeds in a community theater production of Thoroughly Modern Millie. It's been nice having a little more room to work this year. In past productions the orchestra was sitting so close that the flute neared my nose and the spit that ran out the end of it fell on my lap. Ew. Good thing the flute player and I like each other! This year we're spread out more and one night the flute player said, "Tami, I thought of you tonight during the show"

"Why is that?" I asked.

"I got spit on MY leg!"

4) I thought our car woes were over when we got our van and Ladies Man's car back from the shop, but both vehicles had to be taken back.

First, Kevin went to use the windshield wipers on the van when he found the wiper fluid squirters (surely there's a more technical term, but it escapes me) to be crossed. He tried to clean the front window, only to lose about a gallon of fluid dripping down the back window. So he tried the back window squirter and, presto, got his front windshield cleaned. It was no big deal and we got it fixed right away, but it required another stay at the body shop.

Then the power steering went out of Ladies Man's car. We thought it was fixed and I drove it to meet a friend when suddenly it was out again. Who knew you could get a workout backing a car out of a parking stall? I am not kidding you. By the time I got that puppy out of the lot I was breathing heavy. And I think I'm in shape. Psht.

You realize, don't you, that this means I spent a significant amount of time in the truck again, enough time that I'm no longer worried about providing a smooth ride for anyone. I'm gonna rumble through town unashamed, bouncing all over the cab. I shove that gear stick around, proving I am the boss. I am woman. Hear me roar!

If that last statement scared you, especially those of you who live in my town, rest assured, all our vehicles are back. You do not need to fear a crazed dark-haired woman running you over in a white truck.

5) Poor Ladies Man spent all week down with rotten sinus infection, so Kevin was left to suffer through P90X himself. Tuesday was Kenpo-x and I was all in, baby. That workout is my very favorite. Kicking and punching all these imaginary foes brings out the ninja in me.

Wait. Maybe this is why I was manhandling the truck.

6) Kevin listens to NPR, that's National Public Radio for you folks with a less stuffy taste in music. They play classical music and offer talk shows that drip with condescension. Yeah. I'm not a big fan.

I must defend myself by telling you how I was introduced to NPR. One summer when I was in college I got a gig playing in the orchestra for a theater production of South Pacific. Most of the players came from the North Carolina School of the Arts and in our free time they would play name that tune with NPR. I was a music geek, but not a music major exposed to classic music repertoire, so their little game left me feeling stupid all of the time. All. Of. The. Time.

Fast forward a year or so and my fiance, who was now a music major, started playing the same game in the car on dates. I believe I've developed some kind of Pavlovian response now. Whenever I hear the hushed tones of the announcers on NPR I feel like an idiot.

Despite my feelings toward NPR, I humor my husband and say nothing. I really try to be a good wife. I calmly switch the station back to KLOVE once he leaves the vehicle. I patiently endure "Wait, Wait, Don't Tell Me" and "All Things Considered." I used to listen to "The Writer's Almanac" each morning, but Garrison Keilor reads too much poetry I don't get and those moronic feelings resurfaced. Occasionally I force myself to listen to some of the music when Kevin's not with me, telling myself it's good for my cultural health. I do try.

But when Drama Queen made the following announcement, I secretly cheered inside.

Drama Queen: Hey, Dad, I figured out what NPR stands for.

Kevin: Yeah, what?

Drama Queen: Nerd People Radio

I couldn't help it. I laughed. Go ahead and give me the bad wife award for the week. Does it help that I tried to make up for it by cooking better this week? Nerd People Radio. Ha. Idiots unite!

7) And speaking of Drama Queen, she celebrates her 19th birthday on Sunday. What a beautiful woman this spunky girl has grown into. We are blessed to call her ours.

We're proud of you, babe. LOVE YOU! So much.

And with that, I'm calling it a day. I hope you all enjoy your weekend. Take a gander at more Quick Takes at Conversion Diary.


Kathleen Basi said...

Just goes to show there's room for all out there, b/c I love wait wait don't tell me. :)

I love the idea of the ball as a chair! I have one and hadn't even thought of that! It's more active than plunking on a seat! Though I doubt I can nurse/hold baby while computing on a ball. :)

jen said...

#5: Same reason I love(d) taebo -- it's all about the kicking and punching. Just be careful on jump kicks -- I hyperextended my knee doing that.

#6: I wait with baited breath for the new episode of "Wait Wait" to be available each Saturday. I miss living in Minnesota where we had THREE NPR stations -- one for classical music, one for talk, and one for new age. Then in 2007, I was in Salt Lake City seeing Loreena McKennitt and found out that most of the people had found out about the concert on NPR. The security guards were commenting on how civilized and sedate we were waiting backstage for her autograph (compared to the Jay-Z crowd the week before) and somebody replied that it was because we were all NPR listeners.