Thursday, February 23, 2012

A Splash of Color

Nearly every time I pull in the driveway, they are there, catching my attention. An otherwise drab, winter day is interrupted with a splash of color in the barren branches of a scraggly bush.

The cardinals rest there, their bright red feathers a contrast to the greys of the season. They sit there and as I come and go from my house, I am drawn to that little surprise. I'm always taken aback.

They make me think of the Holy Spirit. Is that what He does in me? Is He the splash of color in an otherwise ordinary, plain person? Isn't it Him that catches the attention of others, that draws them in? I am just a thorny bush. He is the cardinal.

When I look for synonyms of cardinal, I find these words: fundamental, basic, main, chief, primary, crucial, pivotal, prime, principal, paramount, preeminent, highest, key, essential.

I can't help but smile. It's too perfect.

The Holy Spirit IS the cardinal, the fundamental, the primary, the principle, the preeminent, the highest, the key.

Any good that may be found in me, anything noteworthy or eye-catching is Him. It's His splash of color in me.

He is the cardinal.

Are His colors showing in you?

Photo Credit: Marcos Vasconcelos Photography

1 comment:

Cin said...

Oh how I pray the Holy Spirit lights me. Some days I know that I am as gray and concrete as the sky. Durn.

And please know that I do see the Holy Spirit in you. Your words speak to me, speak to those hidden places, and make me sigh gratitude.