Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Everybody Has A Story

Everybody has a story.

Behind the charming smile, the pleasant demeanor, the capable persona, is a person who has lived in an imperfect world, trying to make the best of it. There's history, maybe an ugly one. They may have overcome years of hurt, or personal tragedy or survived a harrowing experience.

They have lived life. Who knows where they've come from or what they're dealing with today? They may have overdrawn their checking account or be sleeping in a separate room from their spouse. They may live with shame over a past act or not get along with their mother. Their troubles may have kept them up half the night. They may suffer with an illness you can't detect. An event from childhood may haunt them. They may be exhausted from caring for an elderly parent or sick child. They may wonder how they'll get through another day, but push themselves to do so.

Everybody has a story.

They don't think they measure up either and are hoping you don't notice. They find you just as intimidating as you do them. They long to fit in and be helpful and say the right thing. They want to be special and significant and possess a distinct purpose in life. They want their time on earth to matter too. They question themselves and sigh at their mirror and hope they're doing a good job raising their children. They look at you and envy one of your good qualities.

Everybody has a story.

And yet, we assume they're more "together" than we are. We can't imagine they have any problems at all. We envy their "perfect" lives. We hide our own insecurities thinking they wouldn't understand or think less of us. We isolate instead of communing they way God intended us to, all because of perceptions which probably aren't true.

Everybody has a story.

There is no such thing as a perfect life. Like gold and silver purified in fire, that beautiful person you see is a result of much refining. They have prayed out in desperation, shed many tears and keep picking themselves up to do the next thing. They are a work in progress.

Just like you.

Everybody has a story.

Can you look beyond the exterior? Can you change your assumptions remembering no one gets through life pain free?

Can you remember everybody has a story?

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kpjara said...

Thanks Tami...This really spoke to me today.

Marsha @Spots and Wrinkles said...

Tami -
Such a deeply insightful post. So true that none of us gets through life pain-free, because none of us is sin-free; but we can ALL become guilt-free through forgiveness and HIS grace!

I am so THANKFUL !!!
Have a wonderfful day. ...Marsha

Jana Banana said...

Thanks for this--needed it today! What's with my always thinking everyone else has it together all of the time? I love the mantra--Everybody has a story. Will be repeating, thanks for the reminder, and I'm off to be more gentle with myself, as well as others--because, we're all in this together, right?
Hope all is well--thanks again for good insight!

Cin said...

Yes! I totally get this. Totally.
I believe that about everyone I meet. And to be honest, I'm in it for their story. I want all the hard grit & muddiness & the rainbow skies. I fight never to lose sight of this.
Man, Tami. I believe this is one of the best fights. Ever.
And when you pair this with the cardinal - Holy cow!

Hugging you across the miles!