Friday, March 23, 2012

7 Quick Takes (Volume 176)

1) Miss Innocent One participated in a show choir contest last weekend and had a great time. Not only did her school perform, but all the schools joined together for one song and dance number she obviously had a blast with.

2) We also attended our first drum line competition where Drummer Boy's group performed. He told me a few weeks ago he totally rocked his costume and I must admit he was right. How can one look manly with genie pants, floaty sleeves, blue hair and bare feet? I don't know, but he did it. This picture doesn't do it justice. (I have no idea where Drama Queen was at this point. Chatting with her peeps?)

The guy's drumming was as impressive as his costume. The boy's got skills, I tell you! Some acting chops too, as he was almost scary with his facial expressions while doing it. He and his group are headed to Minneapolis this weekend to compete in a regional contest. Kick it, DOJO!

3) You know it's Spring Break when:

That's Drummer Boy sacked out on the couch. Apparently Ladies Man was having sympathy pains (he's NOT on Spring Break), or rather, just being his normal self after school, asleep wherever he lands. Does anyone find it odd they are laying the exact same way?

And how in the world does one sleep like this?

The crazy thing is he does this nearly every day. No wonder he looks forward to chiropractic visits!

4) With Drummer Boy AND Drama Queen home, Ladies Man was in rare form, meaning he kicked into "entertain-the-siblings" mode, adopting goofy accents, singing silly songs, being generally loud and hard to ignore. Drama Queen noticed it immediately.

Drama Queen: You need to change our names. Ladies Man should be Drama KING. He's way more dramatic than me or Dad.

Me (to Kevin): Don't you find it interesting that she lumped you in with her?

Drama Queen: It's true. Dad's way more whiny and dramatic. He's the worst of us all.

Kevin defended himself by saying nothing to prove the point he's NOT all that animated, but history had already done the damage. Case in point:

5) Here's one of the ludicrous things Ladies Man does to get a laugh out of his brother and sisters. Remember all our planking, lamping, owling and batmanning from earlier this fall? He calls this ostriching. Think sticking your head in the sand.

All the kids about wet themselves laughing so hard over this one:

Personally I don't get why it's so funny. Just looks stupid to me.

And now I sound like an old fogey. Boo.

6) Enquiring minds will want to know that there's been NO LET UP AT ALL in the P90X routine. Kevin and Ladies Man are hard at it. I joined them for a few sessions this week again and my body's complaining about it. I work out regularly and have done so since 1994, yet nearly every week some activity makes me sore.

And why haven't my consistent workouts produced a sculpted body like the people on those videos? Why isn't my soreness rewarded with a killer body or incredible endurance or unbelievable flexibility? What am I working so hard for? Eternally achy muscles and joints? Will I ever find fitness?!

7) As I type this, Drama Queen, Ladies Man and Miss Innocent One are singing at the top of their lungs DOWNSTAIRS and disrupting my concentration. I am super glad they have so much fun together, but why does it have to be so loud?

Uh oh. Old fogey alert again. Ugh. I stink.

I better quit right now before I date myself even more. Enjoy your weekend and catch more Quick Takes at Conversion Diary.


Kathleen Basi said...

#7: Ah, Tami, you are spoiled! (My 3yo is singing "baa baa black sheep" right now. Two nights ago, he was singing baa baa, Alex was singing the theme to Cars 2, Julianna was singing I Love Trash along with the TV,a nd the baby was wailing. I thought I might short-circuit.

#3: That's the best laugh I've had in a long time!

TRS said...

Regarding #3... I was shocked to see your son strewn across two pieces of furniture, and that there was no support at his hips... until I remembered, Women's center of gravity is at their hips... not men's. so maybe as long as his upper body is supported he's fine.

But if the Chiro says otherwise... maybe this is the reason!