Monday, March 12, 2012

The Glue

I am my beloved’s, And my beloved is mine.

Song of Solomon 6:3

Even after 25 years together, the familiarity of him, his scent, his strong hands, his soft lips, the way our bodies mesh . . . I'm still sucked in. As he nears, I still catch my breath and feel the flutters.

How can this be?

Growing up I assumed these feelings were reserved for the young who were "hopelessly in love." I thought as you grew older they dissipated, but years of learning and understanding more about each other has only heightened our passion. I am my beloved’s, And my beloved is mine. And as he comes close, years of intimate, precious moments have conditioned my response. I can't help but melt.

Getting here hasn't been easy. Developing this level of trust has required awkward, uncomfortable discussions, painful honesty. We've had to admit to our own junk and be willing to give instead of getting. We've had to reveal more about ourselves than was comfortable many times, but the payoff has been well worth it.

I am my beloved’s, And my beloved is mine.

When I want respite from fear and my own expectations, from the world, when I want freedom from being anything to anybody, I long to escape in his arms, to feel love in his tender touch, to know acceptance despite my flaws. I want to run to my personal sanctuary established through years of knowing each other. I want to go to the place where there is no question I am loved.

Our physical union lays the groundwork for emotional bonding, enabling us to give more, to compromise and overlook annoyances. The connection established in our bed, breeds loyalty, trust, belonging, home.

For in the sacred chamber of our bedroom, there's no hiding. We are as vulnerable as two people can be. When we find acceptance and desire, security and trust in a position so revealing, how can that not spill over into every area of our lives? If I feel safe there, where I am completely exposed, won't I be more likely to follow his leading, to trust his decisions? I am confident of his care for me when I feel it in his touch.

Our private encounters, shared with no one else, provide the glue that binds us. Decades of coming together as one has forever linked us. God loves me very well through my husband, my beloved, flesh of my flesh. Sex is part of God's mysterious plan that makes it happen.

How has your physical relationships bound you and your spouse?

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Alicia The Snowflake said...

Beautiful post! My husband is definitely my safe place. I love the thought of God loving us through our husbands. How true!

Constance said...

Reading your words I realized you had summed up my very own feelings about Dave, I also melt when I am around my man! We too have built that same type of intimacy over the years but are now learning a different phase of our marriage due to his cancer surgery. God has blessed us during this time of adjustment and so I know that as we stay the course, we will reap even greater rewards than we had before. Thanks for sharing from your heart!

Mac an Rothaich said...

Beautifully put.

Messy Marriage said...

I love the title (and content) of your post, Tami! Thanks for sharing an inside look into your marital "holy of holies".

e-Mom said...

Really lovely, Tami! Thanks for sharing so openly with us. You two are truly blessed.

As always, hanks for joining us for Marriage Monday today.

Hugs, e-Mom @ Chrysalis

Eliza said...

Here from Marriage Monday -- excellent
sharing these thoughts with dh

nice A said...

Beautifully said like a poem about your intimate relationship with your husband! It's really good to make our husband our best friend and personal sanctuary. You've blessed me with your post.