Tuesday, March 06, 2012

When There Are No Words

The four of us sat in the room, words tumbling, attempting to remedy an ugly situation. Stored up hurt got too heavy and broke the dam days before and now we tried desperately to salvage something of the relationship. There weren't enough "I'm sorry"s to fix it. Apologies were appreciated, but didn't mend mangled hearts. Disappointment and pain and awkwardness hung in the air, but as people committed to Christ we knew His mandate to forgive.

How do you forgive when the hurt lingers, reaches deep into your gut?

We had no answer, but knew Who did. The faith that drew us together dictated our next move. We joined hands in prayer. As the Spirit moved, my own guilt weighed me down so much that when it was my turn to pray, I had nothing to say. My words got us in this mess to begin with.

What do you pray when words are inadequate, when you are so aware of your faults, your failures, your sins?

All I could muster up were the sentiments of King David who articulated it so well.

Create in me a clean heart, O God, and renew a steadfast spirit within me.

There was much more in the passage from Psalm 51 that I'd memorized, but I couldn't get it out. Sadness overcame me and as the prayer ended, I dropped my head into my husband's lap and sobbed.

Tears cleansed. Friends were gracious. And God's Word was alive, active, an oasis in many sad days ahead.

I want people to fill their minds with passages of Scripture while they are well and strong, that they may have sure help in the day of need. I want them to be diligent in studying their Bibles, and becoming familiar with their contents, in order that the grand old Book may stand by them and talk with them when all earthly friends fail. From the bottom of my heart, I pity that person who never reads their Bible. I wonder how they expect to draw their consolation in their time of need.

J.C. Ryle
When there are no words, HIS Word supplies. In tender, hard moments, in dark days with heavy hearts, the Word speaks to the depths of our beings. It identifies, soothes, encourages our flailing spirits. But if we haven't put it there beforehand, how will it bubble to the top when needed? It can't surface if it hasn't been planted.

When there are no words, HIS Word supplies.

If we know it.

Has His Word come to your aid exactly when you needed it?

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Loni said...

Ohhhh, beautiful - how healing God's words can be through all stages of our lives. And to have His words tucked away in our hearts sure helps in these difficult situations.

Thank you for sharing.

Marsha @Spots and Wrinkles said...

Only someone with your honesty could write this post.

Tears cleanse and God's grace heals. Thank God!

Sunflower Faith said...

Beautiful and eloquent words! Thank you so much for sharing your heart and being a part of, "In Other Words".

It is a comfort knowing who our Father is and His words when we need Him the most. Sometimes we don't think to look up a passage or have the Bible with us, but when we get to know Him as J.C. Ryle and others did, what strength can we get on those days we need Him the most!

Karen said...

"When there are no words HIS words supply." Oh I love that statement, it is so true. Good take on today's quote.

Karen said...

"When there are no words HIS words supply." Oh I love that statement, it is so true. Good take on today's quote.