Friday, June 29, 2012

7 Quick Takes (Volume 190)--The Family Vacation Edition

1) It's been a fun week for the Boesiger family as we spent a few days away at Lake Okoboji in Iowa. There are some definite differences to vacationing with older children. No one needs to be carried. There's no arguing about where to eat, no worrying about getting naps in. You start watching movies at midnight. You don't have to drag a stroller along. Everybody can play every game. You can ride rides together.

But some things never change. We still had to make a stop to buy beach toys. We're still hearing, "Dad, he won't share. Mom, she called me stupid." And we've had our fill of talk about farts and butts and wieners.


2) On our way to Okoboji, we stopped at the zoo in Omaha. Kevin wore his new koala shirt to commemorate the occasion and Drummer Boy surprised us by wearing his shark shirt. Apparently Ladies Man didn't get the memo.

3) Though we booked a family suite, our room was a little small for our brood. We had to improvise when we wanted to play cards. Yes, our "table" is an ironing board.

And speaking of our room, Drummer Boy was worried he broke a pedestal.

We quickly realized it was a previous problem. Closer inspection revealed electrical tape that had been painted.

4) One of my favorite things about this trip was watching Drummer Boy and Ladies Man play together. Being nearly six years apart, they didn't play together much as kids. They're making up for lost time now. These two spent tons of time giggling at each other.

5) You're never too old to play in the sand. Drummer Boy and Ladies Man spent a good deal of time building this sand fortress.

While they did that, Miss Innocent One and I left our mark on the beach.

6) Last September, Kevin and I had a blast parasailing. Our kids envied us, so when we found an outfit at Okoboji who do it, we had to give the kids a chance. I think they enjoyed it as much as we did.

7) We're on our way home today. Boo. But it's been good. With the age of our kids, you never know which trip will be the last family vacation with our original family unit. Our family is due to change greatly in the next few years. I try to enjoy the moments and not think about it too much. Good things come with change too, right?

And now, I must pack my little family up and come on home for the weekend. May you enjoy your time with kin and have a few laughs by reading more Quick Takes at Conversion Diary.

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