Friday, July 13, 2012

7 Quick Takes (Volume 192)

1) I'm feeling scared as I start these Quick Takes. I can't think of anything funny or monumental that happened this week. No stitches, no celebrity deaths, no fun in the sun. We've been a boring family which makes for boring Quick Takes. Here goes nothing.

2) Part of the reason it's been a boring week is that Ladies Man left to travel with a Senior High singing group for the week. They travel to Denver, Colorado and will be back home Sunday. He's home a few days, then hits the road again for his youth group mission trip to Cary, Mississippi. It's already been pretty quiet and both his sisters have said they miss him. I guess Kevin and I need to come up with some silly songs to entertain them. Hey, maybe we can break out our recorders and play them on our noses. That was a hit in youth group once. Experience tells me we'll get eye rolls, but if Ladies Man did the same thing, they'd be laughing so hard they'd wet themselves. Not fair. Ladies Man, know you are missed!

3) Have you ever noticed you can pick up the personality of people by their texts? My children are prime examples.

If Drama Queen texts me and I don't respond right away, I'll get another text that says, "Mother!" as if she thinks I'm ignoring her on purpose. When I don't give her the answer she wants I get, "RUDE!" Totally consistent with who she is.

I know Drummer Boy doesn't like the answer I give him or doesn't plan on attending the event I suggest, when I text him and he doesn't answer back. Ever. Yeah. He's a phlegmatic who avoids conflict. I don't take it personally.

So far I can't gather much about Ladies Man's texting style, as he hardly ever feels his phone vibrate. Or is that just what he's telling me? Hmmmm....

Miss Innocent One doesn't have a phone yet, but occasionally texts me on her ipod. This usually happens when she's spending the night at a friend's house. She says things like "Thanks Mom!" or "I love you, Mom."

And now the rest of my children just rolled their eyes and muttered, "Of course. Perfect Baby Angel Child." Don't worry, my beloved offspring, I get each of you and love you just how you are. Whether you text me or not.

4) Miss Innocent One had some time on her hands again and tried a new nail design.

She recently got a Pinterest account and I've seen her looking over all kinds of nail and hair designs. We're sure to see more.

5) I often feel the need to open the curtain on Drama Queen's true identity. She may sound all sassy and tough, but she's really a closet softie. The other day I was super tired and had to spend the afternoon and evening at church. I left money for she and Miss Innocent One to get something for supper since I was going to be gone. About 6 they showed up at the church with a giant iced tea saying, "We thought you could use a little caffeine."

Sassy? Yes. Tough? Sometimes. Thoughtful? Always. Thanks, babe. You are sweet. Sorry I just spilled the beans. Love you!

6) I've decided I possess some kind of mutant gene that won't let me give things up. I participate in activities I don't even enjoy because something in me won't let me quit. My latest such activity is running. If you've read this blog for any length of time, you'll know my utter frustration with it. I keep telling myself I just need to give it time and I'll get better Once I get better, I'll enjoy it more, or at least that's what logic says, right? But this summer, after a year and half of giving it a try, of running inside, outside, short, long, you name it, I still found I hated it. I decided a few weeks ago, while hobbling along on sore knees that there was no good reason for me to continue and released myself from the burden of doing it.

A few weeks passed and I felt like I was already losing the muscle tone in my legs I worked so hard to get. Then I came across a book titled Born to Run about some remote tribe in Mexico who are known for being superathletes and can run at least 50 miles in one shot with no trouble at all. The book supposedly gives the secrets to achieving such stamina. I was hooked when the author said he began this quest after trying to figure out why he couldn't run like he thought he should be able to. I bought the book, hoping to find the magic secret, and am on board again, although not with the same intensity as before. I may only run once a week or whenever my workout buddies are busy. I'm not taking it out entirely, but I'm not going to stress over it either.

And I'm hoping for an attitude adjustment by approaching it differently. My husband says I am easier to live with when I don't step on my bathroom scale. It's true. When I don't get on that thing I don't obsess about my weight. Using the same logic in my running, I've decided to quit timing myself. If I don't know how slow I am and do it strictly for the exercise, it may take the pressure off and I can quit beating myself up about how awful I am. That will work as long as the weather's nice, but when I'm forced to use a treadmill I'll know exactly how slow I'm going. Hopefully by that time my attitude will be dramatically better.

Or maybe I just need to forget the whole thing and visit a psychiatrist.

7) I am super excited for Ladies Man's return as I get to take out four stitches the PA decided to leave in. How did she know he is a wild man on stage? Anyway, it is right up my alley to dig into things like that and having permission to do it will guarantee no fight from him. He was disappointed he couldn't do it himself on tour, no doubt with an audience, but I think I should get the pleasure, right? Yes. Can't wait.

And that's all the boring stuff running through my head this week. Hope your weekend is more exciting than this. Try reading more Quick Takes at Conversion Diary to jump start your fun.

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Miriam Pauline said...

Sounds like a heavenly "boring" week. I can't wait to have boring (or even normal) weeks. Maybe in 13 years when all mine are teens?

Have a blessed weekend my friend!