Friday, August 03, 2012

7 Quick Takes (Volume 195)

1) We had a blast at my cousin's wedding last weekend. Congratulations Scott and Christie! One super fun activity was the photo booth.

My sister and I had a good time with Mom. Teri accidentally jabbed Mom with the pin from her corsage in the middle pic which explains Mom's expression.
Then came me, Miss Innocent One and Kevin. I couldn't get my stupid nose on straight before it snapped.

Fun, fun times!

2) Ladies Man returned from his missions trip the same day we were out of town at the wedding. In my efforts to track him down to be sure he was home at a decent time, I received this text from him:

Ladies Man's text: im in an alley way bleeding my heart out i got jumped by a couple guys with bananas they wouldn't stop beating me with the bananas they probably had about 4 clumps of them, they took my wallet, phone, and dignity....but I should make it home on time :)

My text back: What have you been drinking?

Ladies Man's text: ya know the good stuff water, im just happy to be home

We're happy too, Ladies Man. Yes we are.

3) We got a great picture of my sister and I at the wedding. For our whole lives people haven't believed we were really sisters. I used to torment her and tell her she was adopted since both our parents have dark hair. In my defense, I had to do something to knock her down to size. She was blond, blue-eyed, big-chested, beautiful, and in high demand among the male persuasion. Telling her she was adopted was all I had!
Now I carry guilt and she uses it against me. Good thing she made the colorful and fun crack a few weeks back so I don't have to be the only one feeling bad about a stupid thing I said.

4) Poor Drummer Boy's been having trouble with his car this week, the week he's helping with band camps at two different schools 70 miles apart. It's times like these I wish we had enough money to go buy each of our kids a nice, newer, super reliable car they never had to worry about. I know it's supposed to be character building and all to scrape by and make do and we've done it with the best of them, but there's something way more painful about watching your kids have to do it.

To add salt to his wound, the day we took his car to be fixed, Drummer Boy's flip flop busted and his extra pair of shoes was in his car. He had an entire day of band camp ahead of him and no shoes, so he had to improvise.
He taped it together with stick tape! Hang in there, Drummer Boy. Better days are ahead!

5) I read a book that said though your brain takes up only 2% of your body weight, it uses 20% of your energy. People tell me I overthink things. Do you think I can use this as an excuse for a daily nap? It takes energy to think so hard!

6) A telemarketer caught Drama Queen in a weird mood.

Drama Queen: Hello? Hello? Hello-oooooo? What? Huh? What? Hello?

Telemarketer: May I speak with Mr. Boesiger please?

Drama Queen (in her best back road voice): His mouth is full. It might be rude for him to talk on the phone.

Telemarketer: Okay. Thank you.

And that was it. They must get it enough that it doesn't faze them. Imagine them on the other end after they hang up.

Telemarketer: Stupid kid.

7) We're going to our high school's band exhibition tonight. The kids show us what they've been doing at band camp all week. It will be Ladies Man's debut as a drum major and I can't wait to see him in action.

I hope your weekend is good to you no matter what you do. Fill it with some laughs by reading more Quick Takes at Conversion Diary.

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deanna said...

naps are a beautiful thing, take one no matter what reason:)