Friday, August 10, 2012

7 Quick Takes (Volume 196)

1) Ladies Man: Liking my family is in the top 5 things I want in my wife.

Drama Queen: What's number 1?

Ladies Man: That she likes me!

2) We moved Drama Queen back to Lincoln this week. I don't know what my problem is. The situation with her couldn't be more ideal. She's living with my mother and Drummer Boy, only forty minutes away, and yet I cried half the way home.

Me: I don't know why it's so sad.

Miss Innocent One: 'Cause she isn't here.

I guess that's it. She's moving up early to attend drum line camp at the University of Nebraska. She's waited a year for this week. You'll remember last summer's disappointing wrist break. She's back now and ready to go. I think she and Drummer Boy are excited to play together again and really hoping they both can be on the snare line this fall. She's done everything she can to make it a reality, practicing her fool head off all summer. She felt confident to say she was ready to make the guys "poop themselves" with her hard work.

You go girl!

And we miss you.

3) We enjoyed watching Ladies Man make his drum major debut last weekend. The band won't be able to miss him!
He works hard to get the kids excited (or is he just a little kid in a big body?).

4) Having Ladies Man as drum major has been fun for Kevin as he was a drum major in high school and college. The conducting style has changed dramatically since Kevin's days though, and the kids have laughed their head off whenever he's demonstrated for them. Just ask Ladies Man to perform Kevin's version of the Star-Spangled Banner and see if he can do it without laughing!

5) My kids don't only mock their father. I get my fair share of teasing too. Apparently I am the queen of "word blurps," getting my tongue tied.

For example, the other day I came home with pluots, a plum/apricot crossed fruit. We cut a couple up to try them.

Ladies Man: It's like a freckled plum.

Miss Innocent One: It tastes just like a plum, doesn't it?

Me (savoring my bite on my palate, trying to make a discerning comment): No, it has more sweeterness to it.

Miss Innocent One: Sweeterness?!

And the phones came out to text their mother's latest guffaw.

Apparently I've given them plenty of entertainment as I've heard repeatedly about my classic word blurp from vacation. I was trying to describe something and called it peeny tweeny. I have no idea what I was thinking! They haven't let that one rest all summer and tell me it's a sign I'm getting old. I just think my brain works faster than my mouth.

Yeah. That sounds more sweeterness, doesn't it?

6) Kevin and I celebrated our 26th wedding anniversary yesterday. 26 years. I've been married longer than I haven't and find the experience quite satisfying still. He is a good guy I never get tired of. Love you, babe. So, so much.
7) We're headed south to Texas today, yes all the way to the Lone Star State, to attend our niece's wedding. Super looking forward to it. Kevin and I have been stressed all week getting everything done so we can enjoy ourselves this weekend. Now it's time to let the fun begin. I bought a new dress I totally didn't need, loaded up on junk food for the road and we can't wait to hang out with our family all weekend. Should be an awesome time.

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Kathleen Basi said...

Oh, I hope your weekend is everything you hoped it would be! I love the fact that you have a drum major and two drummers in your house. :)