Friday, September 14, 2012

7 Quick Takes (Volume 201)

1) I like having older kids with their advanced sense of humor. This week Miss Innocent One cracked me (and herself) up with this ironic observation.

Miss Innocent One (laughing): Yeah, I downloaded a fitness app on my ipod while eating a Little Debbie cake.

2) (All of my beloved children are gonna love this one!)

It's long been a family rule at our house that if you get food on yourself three times in any one meal, you get covered with a garbage bag. Technically, Kevin only dropped one thing, but it splattered, so the kids took the opportunity to institute the rule on its originator.
Sorry, babe. It had to be done.

3) You may be able to blame it on the new lunch program guidelines, but I'm hoping I'm having a positive effect on my kids' eating habits. It's very satisfying that they are understanding the implications about what they put in their mouths. The other day, as Ladies Man inhaled his lunch, he actually noticed what he was eating.

Ladies Man: We are eating a ton of carbs here. It's like carb city and I don't even care. (Reaching for the last dinner roll) Can I have the last carb bar? That's what I'm going to call them now. Carb bars.

I would thank Michelle Obama, except for the fact that though he recognized it, it did nothing to change what he was eating. Let's assume awareness is the first step, I guess.

4) After last week's chocolate cheesecake debacle, I would like it noted that I DO possess a modicum of self-control. This humongous bag of M & Ms has been sitting on my kitchen counter all WEEK and I haven't had a single piece, not one tiny little morsel of chocolately goodness. Yay me!
5) This week's anniversary of 9-11 brought some reminiscing at school. Miss Innocent One saw some footage of the day and was moved. Eleven years ago she was just three years old and doesn't remember any of it. What really got to her was the people jumping out of the twin towers to their death. We talked some about why they did that and then gave our own "what if"s. Miss Innocent One's statement captured her essence.

Me: If I had to make that decision, I don't think I would have jumped. I would have hoped the smoke inhalation would get to me first and I'd pass out.

Miss Innocent: I wouldn't have jumped either because think of all the people who would witness your death. That would be terrible for them.

Always thinking of someone else. She's a sensitive soul, my daughter. How I love that about you, babe. You make us all want to be better.

6) Speaking of Miss Innocent One, yesterday was a big day for her as she got her braces off.
7) We've got a busy weekend ahead. We're going to a high school football game tonight. Early Saturday morning and I mean, there-should-be-special-favors-given-to-families-who-choose-to-watch-their-kids-march-at-6:AM early, we're heading up to Memorial stadium to watch Drummer Boy and Drama Queen rehearse the latest half time show. After that we're helping my brother and sister-in-law move and rounding out the day with a wedding. Full weekend, but full of our favorite people, so it will be fun.

Hope your weekend is full of your favorite people too. Enjoy and catch more Quick Takes at Conversion Diary.

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