Friday, October 12, 2012

7 Quick Takes (Volume 205)-- The Dork Edition

1) We were eating at Culver's the other night and I couldn't resist the flavor of the day--Heath Chocolate Crunch.

Me (in complete ecstasy after my first bite): Oh my gosh. This is totally worth the calories. Sometimes you treat yourself and it's not really worth it, you know, you don't really enjoy it that much, but this, THIS is TOTALLY worth the calories.

Drama Queen rolled her eyes and shook her head.

Me (choosing to ignore her and savoring every bite): It's sooooo smooth. Mmmm. Mmmm. This is so worth it.

Drama Queen: Mom, this is why you're the dork of the family. Who talks like that? Who counts their calories while they're eating? Smooth? Gosh!

Does anyone understand why it's dorky to enjoy your food? But I'm not taking it personally. Drama Queen told me not to. (Love you, babe!)

2) Ladies Man had his first high school vocal concert. His class schedule didn't allow him to be involved in choir or show choir until this year and BOY is this kid loving it. He doesn't look bad in his show choir suit either.
This picture makes me look teeny (woo hoo! whoop whoop! and Praise the Almighty!), but I should tell you the floor of the auditorium slants and I was on the downward slant.

I gotta say he's pretty cute, my son. Uh oh, now my children are saying, "Mom, ew, that's just wrong."

3) We were watching a new television show when suddenly Ladies Man sighed and started leaving the room.

Ladies Man: A love triangle. I hate love triangles. It's always about vampires and werewolves and love triangles. Stupid.

I must not be watching enough t.v. to understand.

4) It was nearing bedtime when Miss Innocent One decided to make cookie dough for a snack. She brought the bowl to the living room and got a little too comfy for my tastes.

Me: Uh, you've got like ten minutes.

Miss Innocent One: Yeah, I know.

We watched the end of the show (minus Ladies Man who was disgusted over love triangles) and the magic hour hit.

Me: Time for bed.

Miss Innocent One: Yeah, yeah.

Me: That means you'll have to put the bowl away.

Miss Innocent One: Yep.

Me: (feeling frustrated at her pleasing responses without corresponding action): Put the dough down!

Miss Innocent One giggled.

Me: What?

Miss Innocent One: Put the dough down? Drama Queen's right. Dork.

Sigh. Apparently I've slipped from Mom-is-so-wonderful glory into the oh-brother-our-mother-is-losing-it zone which I find quite annoying. Maybe next time somebody puts a hand out I should tell them dorks don't carry twenties.

5) I ran across some pictures yesterday that took me back to days gone by and made me laugh. We tell Miss Innocent One she was always falling asleep as a baby. Here's proof her life as the youngest wore her out.
We've often teased Drummer Boy about his Harry Potter days.
And we STILL tell Drama Queen she's full of it and razz Ladies Man about his huge head.
Oh, the good ole days, when no one thought I was a dork.

6) Sitting down to dinner the other night I made a startling observation.

Me: All my protein sources came from nuts today.

Ladies Man: Squirrel.

Which is better? Squirrel or dork?

7) Just to prove that I'm not the only dorky adult in the house (or maybe to assuage my psyche), I must show you this picture. Our kids love to torment us. Though Drummer Boy was not present, he gave his two cents on the picture when I posted it to Facebook saying, "YES!"
Now do you understand what we live with? They are lucky we love them so much!

With that I'm calling it done, people. See if you can enjoy your weekend in some dork-free way and find more Quick Takes at Conversion Diary.

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deanna said...

The conversations you have with your children crack me up.