Friday, November 23, 2012

7 Quick Takes (Volume 211)

1) I've decided to change Miss Innocent One's name to Princess Dawdle. This girl can make an easy task like fetching socks take twenty minutes. Every morning she wanders around the house getting ready, paying no attention to time at all.

Me: Your ride's going to be here in 15 minutes. What do you need to do?

Princess Dawdle: I just need to get socks and brush my teeth.

She runs upstairs to get socks and ten minutes later I'm launching a search party, finding her in MY bathroom putting on the same makeup she put on downstairs already.

Me: They're going to be here soon.

Princess Dawdle: Yeah.

She peers into the mirror, messing with her hair.

Me: What else do you need to do?

Princess Dawdle: I just got to brush my teeth.

She stops to give me a hug.

Me: Let's get on it, sister!

She starts down the stairs.

Me: Your socks?

Princess Dawdle: Oh yeah.

Pray for our sanity, people.

2) Drummer Boy had his final home game in the Husker drum line last Saturday. One of his friends got this great picture of he and Drama Queen.

I've sure enjoyed watching him over the years and especially this year with both of them doing it. So proud of you guys.

3) While Princess Dawdle and Kevin went to the game last Saturday, Ladies Man and I stayed home. He slept pretty late and decided about 1:30 to make himself some lunch. Not just any lunch, mind you. He made mock chicken fried steak and homemade french fries.

The fries reminded me of the ones my grandma used to make when I was a kid. A taste of childhood, as Ladies Man would say.

4) Our kids still had a half-day of school on Wednesday and Ladies Man was not too happy about it.

Ladies Man: Half the kids are gone already for Thanksgiving. And with the shortened day we don't do anything.

We didn't sympathize with him so he decided to bite the bullet and get to school.

Ladies Man: Well, good bye then, parents. Here I go to waste a day of my life.

I'm perfectly fine with that as long as there are no concussions.

5) And speaking of concussions, look what Ladies Man's aunt brought him on Thanksgiving!

It's a giant gift bag full of bubble wrap! Nice one, Jaime.

6) I am thoroughly enjoying my Aqua Notes. They are super handy as inspiration strikes. I also found a fringe benefit--notes left like this from my husband.

There's something about a "Hey Sexy!" that starts your day off right, you know? I've decided to keep that page on top forever. Love it.

7) We had a fantastic Thanksgiving with my family yesterday. As our kids get older, it's tougher to get the whole gang together, but we did it. I got to meet my nephew's new baby (SO precious!) and Mom actually found a photographer to take family pictures Thanksgiving morning. I can't wait to see them. Taking pictures together reminds you who your tribe is. The bantering that takes place during the posing, the silly inside jokes you tell to get each other to smile, the personalities that react predictably--it just warms my heart. We are a family. We are part of each other. It's not always pretty, but we love each other. We belong to each other. What a beautiful way to spend Thanksgiving.

I hope your holiday was as heartwarming and you enjoy a lazy weekend. Take a little time to read more Quick Takes at Conversion Diary.

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Kathleen Basi said...

I think Miss Innocent One and Alex are sharing a brain. :)