Friday, April 05, 2013

7 Quick Takes (Volume 230)

1) We are super excited at our house today, and I mean SUPER!! Drummer Boy found out yesterday that ALL THREE of the pieces he submitted to a percussion publisher have been picked up for publication! Our little Drummer Boy is soon to be a published composer! How exciting is that?! So happy for and proud of him!

2) We had a lovely Easter weekend, spending time with my family on Saturday and Kevin's on Sunday. Drama Queen had a great time with her youngest cousin during the egg hunt.

I promise she had nothing to do with the impressive shiner he's sporting. Poor little guy's feet got ahead of him while running down a ramp.

3) I think it's time for another vocabulary lesson from my children. Ladies Man has been trying to grow a "chin strap" on his face which is basically a strip of hair that runs from sideburn to sideburn following the jaw line. Ladies Man's hair isn't quite as thick there, so he's been letting it grow out, much to his siblings' dismay.

Drama Queen: You gotta do something about that.

Ladies Man: What? It's just growing in.

Drummer Boy: Yeah, but that stuff on your neck . . .

Drama Queen: Yeah. Ew. You're growing a neard.

Me (clueless, of course): A what?

Drama Queen: A neard, a neck beard!

I thought she was making it up, but Drummer Boy corroborated and so did their college-aged cousin the next day when she used the term too.

So there you go. Now you too can impress the young adults in your life by using their lingo. Slip in "chin strap" or "neard" and watch their admiration grow.

Or something like that.

4) Princess Dawdle and I have been shopping around for a new alto saxophone. The one she currently plays on has given us good use, but is sadly wearing out. The only way for her to get some notes out is to put a rubber band around the register key so it seals right! We ordered some new ones and were distracted trying them out when Ladies Man got the bright idea to play her old one with a trombone mouthpiece. Is this the most ridiculous thing you've ever seen?

What's crazy is he actually got a sound out of it and could lip the notes without using the keys!

5) I think I'm going to stop letting my kids review the pictures on my camera. Princess Dawdle never let me hear the end of it.

Princess Dawdle: Oh my gosh, Mom! You have three videos of your desk!

Me (desperately trying to save face): I'm still learning how to use it.

Princess Dawdle: Obviously!

I don't get it. What's so terrible about pictures like these?

6) Having Peeps at Easter is a no-brainer at our house. The kids were giving Kevin a terrible time about all the Peeps he ate on Easter. Every time they turned around he was eating one, so they decided to start counting them up. They are sure he ate 22 Peeps on Easter Sunday alone. 22! I'm not sure why he stopped there, but maybe this demented Peep was an omen to beware.

7) I think we'll end today where we started, with Drummer Boy's skills. This video was shot Wednesday night at a Wet Ink! concert where student composers debut their work. In his original piece he titled Germinating Genesis, Drummer Boy plays a marching snare drum while the soundtrack he created on the computer plays in the background. He tells me the computer work includes 15 different tracks laid together. It's a little hard to hear the computer in this video, but trust me it has, like much of Drummer Boy's work, a suspenseful feel to it. Oh and don't miss taking a peek at his marvelous chin strap.

And that'll do it for this day, friends. We're looking forward to another fun weekend. Princess Dawdle is playing in an honor band concert tonight (We are SOOOO THANKFUL those new saxes came this week!). Tomorrow are the Heartland Winter Arts Drum line Championships where we'll go watch the groups that Drama Queen and Drummer Boy have been working with. Plus it's supposed to be a beautiful weekend in southeast Nebraska. I hope you enjoy yourselves this weekend wherever you are and read more Quick Takes at Conversion Diary.

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