Monday, April 08, 2013

SICK of the Rating

I'm feeling angry with society.

I'm realizing I've been told a lie for my whole life.

I've been taught I have to compete with my fellow man, with all of you. We vie for the attention of loved ones. We fight for coveted starting positions on sports teams and scholarships and jobs. We give value to the best, both in recognition and often financially. We subconsciously rate everyone we encounter to decide where we stack up.

Were told, "Competition is good for you, makes you work harder and be a better person." But it hasn't worked that way for me. It's made me jealous of the talents of others. It's brought on loads of discouragement. It's made me certain I am not enough or I don't measure up. It's made me think of myself more and how I need to "do better" rather than feel happy with who I am. It's caused me to shy away from others I deem "above me" and miss opportunities out of fear of not making the grade. It tells me I must BE more, DO more, achieve, perform. It's made me prideful as I spend too much time thinking of me in all my measuring where I stand.

Yes, I know it's human nature to compare ourselves, but I don't think it's doing us any favors. We're growing up thinking we must be better than somebody at something to have any value. Is this why depression is on the rise and teens commit suicide and kids shoot up their schools? Did they decide they were unworthy, unimportant because they didn't keep up with those around them?

In all our rating we spend more time proving ourselves to others than loving our fellow man. What is the good in that?

What would happen if there were no comparing? What if we enjoyed each others' talents instead of envied them? What if we truly played as a team, depending on the strength of each other instead of determining who is the best?

How can we quit this stupid rating game?

What is the point of competing? I don't get it.

Photo Credit: TheBusyBrain

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