Friday, November 08, 2013

7 Quick Takes (Volume 257)

Life just presses on, doesn't it? Obviously my motivation has been waning on the blog lately. There's really nothing noteworthy in anyone's life, is there? At least that's what I've been thinking about my own life anyway. But since I don't scrapbook and the best my kids are gonna get from me is a box of stuff I saved from their childhood, I figure I should make a teeny bit of effort to chronicle our family life for them in the only way I know how. So here we go.

Ladies Man and Kevin have a little fan in our church. Every Sunday he comes up to Kevin and says, "You're the man!" And he has such a fascination with Ladies Man he decided to BE him for Halloween, donning a marching band uniform and carrying a trombone. We were thrilled he came over to show us and get this pic.

Apparently I've risen in his eyes now too. His mom told me he saw me driving into church Sunday morning and said, "Hey, there's Kevin's wife." He knows I exist! Yes!

(On a completely unrelated note, aren't my guys handsome?! No wonder I never get anything done.)

I was talking with my lovely daughter about the stresses of life and how much everything costs when she sighed and gave me her take.

Drama Queen: Being an adult is not what it's cracked up to be.

No truer words were ever said, babe. But there's lots of good in life too. Don't miss it by being stressed about money. You know that Veggie Tale song God is Bigger Than The Boogie Man? God is bigger than money too. And way more faithful.

And my God will meet all your needs according to the riches of his glory in Christ Jesus. (Philippians 4:19)

Never forget it. Or the fact that a big screen TV is not a need.

For instance, who can be worried about money when you look at this pic Drama Queen posted on Facebook for Transformation Tuesday?

They were cute then and they're cute now. And they've brought such joy to my life. What is money compared to this?

I've been pushing myself to be braver in letting Princess Dawdle drive. It appears her driving lessons with her dad are helping.

Princess Dawdle (feeling proud of herself): See? This isn't so bad.

Me: You are getting better.

Princess Dawdle: Yeah, it helps to drive with Dad. And . . . I really like doing it with him.

Me: I think he enjoys it too, babe.

Princess Dawdle: Yep. Love me some quality mustache time.

Oh brother.

And speaking of facial hair, with two male young adults in the family, November is always dubbed No Shave November. This year Drummer Boy and Ladies Man had a little male bonding by shaving themselves clean on October 31st to start with a fresh slate.

This year they talked their dad into it too, but he refused to start over. He is adding to his mustache and goatee, growing a full beard. I can't say I'm a huge fan of it yet. He's had a full beard before, but it was many years ago and made him look dark and mysterious. Now . . . well, it's not so dark now. Now it makes me want to call him Pappy.

I had a super fun time with some friends the other day. It was Rachelle's birthday and to celebrate she wanted to give gifts to others, a random act of kindness thing. Each of us brought small gifts and spent the day randomly giving them away, both to people we know and to strangers. It's not something I'd have the courage to do every day or by myself, but it did stir a lot of thoughts in my brain about how to love others better. My favorite reactions came from my neighbor and the Mormon boys walking along the side of the road.

I could do a better job sacrificially loving others. Everybody loves being thought of and treated special. How can one make spreading love and joy a practical part of every day life?

We got the whole weekend to think about it, friends. I hope you have a great one and find more Quick Takes at Conversion Diary!.


Miriam Pauline said...

I love reading your Quick Takes! What a great birthday celebration idea. Now that I am moved in (stories to tell, soon I hope) maybe I can get back to blogging. Been too long. Have a blessed weekend!

Tami Boesiger said...

So great to hear from you MiPa! I've been pretty hit and miss in my blogging too. I got nothing new to say! I hope you're adjusting well.

Rachael said...

Don't kid yourself, this is better than scrap booking! I love the joy you find in the little things! (And that you're a night owl like me!) ;)

Kathleen Basi said...

#7: What an awesome, awesome idea! You (and Rachelle) have inspired me. Next August I turn 40. My hubby's been teasing me about how I'm going to observe it. I'm totally doing this.

Dianne said...

Your family is beautiful! I love that birthday idea too . . . next year is a big one for me and I really want to do something meaningful. This gives me some ideas.