Friday, June 20, 2014

7 Quick Takes (Volume 281)

Even with an injured wrist, Ladies Man still took his long board out for a spin. When he sheepishly admitted it to his father and I, we gave the appropriate scowls.

Ladies Man: What? I can't just avoid doing everything that might hurt me. You gotta live life.

Me: Yeah, but you can give it rest while you heal.

Ladies Man: What if I broke my hand while drawing or got really cramped up? I couldn't just not do it. That's how I'm gonna make money.

Princess Dawdle, who up to that point said nothing, was apparently listening.

Princess Dawdle: Yeah. You're really gonna break your hand drawing!

Busted, boy.

Kevin and I need a civic lesson about service organizations. We were sitting at a parade the other day when the long train of Shriners passed in their classic cars. I noticed each of the cars carried the slogan, "Cruisin' for Kids."

Me: How are they Cruisin' for Kids? How does this help kids?

Kevin: They're raising awareness?

Me: How does it raise awareness? What good does that do?

Kevin: You're aware now, aren't you?

Me: But it's not directly helping anybody.

Kevin: What kids do they help?

Me: I don't know. Burn victims?

Kevin bust out laughing.

Kevin: How did you pick burn victims?

Me: I don't know. It seems like I've seen burn victims on a float or people pretending to be burn victims, haven't I?

Kevin could hardly hold it together and his laughing got me going too.

Kevin: Yeah, that's what people are wanting to see in a parade, people pretending to be burn victims.

Then I couldn't help it either and laughed so hard the tears came. But it got better.

Kevin: Hey, here's the Serasotas. Who do they help?

Me: You mean the Sesostris?

(My apologies to any Shriners or members of the Sesostris. I am sure you do wonderful charitable work and I am a pea brain.)

Our kids had way too much fun on Father's Day. All four of them left the house together the night before at about 10:30 to go shopping at Walmart. They got Kevin's favorite treats and four separate cards. These two were my favorite.

Apparently the cards were pretty picked over.

They made a graduation card into a "DAD" card! ConDADulations?! Wow.

It's been a long standing joke in our house that the kids think Kevin resembles a koala bear. A couple of years ago they thought they were hysterical when they found this t-shirt. This Father's Day they added to his collection.

Drama Queen is hoping her new punching bag will arrive today. Yes, my little girl ordered her own standing punching bag! This is so her. I wish I would've had the foresight to get one of these when she was a toddler. We could have avoided all kinds of torture to her siblings. She could've been smacking that thing twenty times as a punishment instead of sitting on the step fuming. What am I saying? I could have been kicking and pounding that thing instead of sneaking off to the bathroom to cry when it all got to be too much.

Yeah, this could be good. I'm looking forward to the new dynamic a punching bag might bring to our house. Those of you who live near us may start hearing the "Rocky Theme."

We have a separate, closed Boesiger Bunch Facebook page where the six of us post pictures or videos only our family will appreciate. This week Ladies Man posted this and told us to fill in the speech bubbles.

I won't tell you what we suggested (there's a reason it's a CLOSED group!), but what would you say?

Princess Dawdle was getting frustrated with a craft project.

Kevin: Is that about the 30th time you've done that?

Princess Dawdle: Whatever, Moustache!

Drama Queen laughed.

Princess Dawdle: I've started calling people by one word. I've been calling Ladies Man Mohawk.

Drama Queen: What should we call you?

Princess Dawdle: Mole. (She has a mole on her face she's not terribly fond of.)

Drama Queen: Mom, we should call you Clavicle.

Me: Clavicle?

Kevin: They're all M names. Moustache, Mole, Mohawk. We should go with an M.

Me: How about I be Mom?

Drama Queen: I'd be Mouth.

We couldn't think of an M name for Drummer Boy and apparently Mom was lame, so if you've got a good one for either one of us, leave a comment!

And that's how it rolls at the House of M today. I hope you enjoy your weekend and read more Quick Takes at Conversion Diary.

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