Friday, August 01, 2014

7 Quick Takes (Volume 286)

Drummer Boy is a man who requires very little. He isn't one to seek after any sort of "thing." He's very content with the basics. Usually I find this quality admirable and even noble, but sometimes it seems a little freakish to me, like the time he told me this summer he hasn't had a pillow since he moved out in March! "There might be one in the trunk of my car," he said. What?! He doesn't even need a pillow?!

When he moved to his apartment (in March, remember), we couldn't get his box springs out of the old place without removing a stair railing and we didn't have the right tools with us at the time. He told us not to worry about it. He'd take care of it later, and meanwhile we put his mattress on the floor of his bedroom. This arrangement didn't disturb him in the least, but it drove his mother crazy. Who doesn't want a box springs and frame and headboard for their bed? While moving Drama Queen's stuff last week, we recruited Drummer Boy for help and decided to take care of this troubling situation.

Over the weekend he was planning on coming to B-town to visit, but texted at the last minute saying he couldn't find his wallet. He spent the evening and next FEW DAYS searching for the thing with no success. He was convinced he must have thrown it away by accident. We had a few texts about replacing the contents of his wallet and I thought we were done until I got this text that evening.

Drummer Boy's text: Found. My. Wallet. Stuck between my mattress and apparently necessary headboard. See what it's already done! hahaaaaa

Oh my gosh! I laughed so hard! You got me, Drummer Boy! Not every traditional convention is necessary, I guess. Even a headboard!

We have a rabbit that seems to be living in our back yard. I'm sure it's responsible for chomping on the 6 bean plants that managed to come up in our garden including the 10 beans hanging on them. It doesn't seem to have a penchant for any of our other produce (to be fair, if you saw our "produce" you might not have a penchant either), but often nibbles on the clover in the yard (Yeah, we're all green thumbs over here.). Seeing him every day made me think he should have a name. The kids noticed him too and must have read my mind, as the other night over dinner, they pointed him out.

Ladies Man: We should give him a name.

Drama Queen: He has a name--Chester.

Ladies Man: I named him Herb.

They each named him without consulting me?!

Ladies Man: He eats herbs so he should be Herb.

So it's official. There's a rabbit named Herb occupying our back yard. He's pretty tame and hardly moves when we walk up. He likes green beans and the assorted "herbs" in our yard. I noticed he had a little friend this morning. Shall we call him Peaches? (Are any of you old enough to understand that reference?) And Peaches better be a him. We don't have enough beans left for a family!

Drama Queen and Princess Dawdle have been participating in band camp all week. Those of you who AREN'T band geeks might be interested to know they actually tie nail bags around their waists to hold their music and pencils or any other assorted stuff they may need like valve oil or reeds. Princess Dawdle and her friend decided to spruce theirs up a bit last night, painting on Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy in such a way that if they stand next to each other they make a scene.

Pretty snazzy, huh? Although their band director may think their time would have been better spent actually practicing the music!

I may be a tad anxious about Ladies Man starting college. I've been trying to prime him for the tougher academic challenges of higher education.

Me: What's your plan for studying in college?

Ladies Man: Do it.

Me (not impressed with his "plan"): And if you're even a little bit stuck don't hesitate to ask for help.

Drama Queen (sympathizing with her little brother): He can probably figure it out.

Me: You just have to stay on top of it.

Ladies Man: I've got a lot on my plate . . .

Me: I know! That's why I'm worried!

Ladies Man (barely letting me finish):  . . . but I have a big appetite.

Dang it! He got me too!

Boesiger boys--2, Mom--0

A friend posted some pictures from the recent Esprit tour that Ladies Man and Princess Dawdle were on. She captured this great pic of their duet I just love.

Sigh. My kids have sure gotten under my skin.

I've been doing a lot of reading this week, both for my classes and my own "enjoyment." I say it that way because it's sparking in me a reflective, gotta-figure-this-out thing which is sending my normally active brain into hyper drive.

Who says reading is good for you?

All this reading means I'm talking my poor husband's ear off, which we totally have time for because it seems our kids have ditched us nearly every night this week. But it ain't all bad, folks. We've felt like newlyweds again strolling through our neighborhood, stopping for ice cream and enjoying all kinds of things we normally couldn't at dinner time with the kids around.

This empty nest thing might be okay in a few years.

Unless it gives me more time to read. You may want to pray for my husband.

For now I'm giving this brain a rest. I hope you enjoy your weekend and take in more Quick Takes at Conversion Diary.

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