Friday, August 08, 2014

7 Quick Takes (Volume 287)

I've been fairly confident that I am handling the aging process pretty well, but apparently I carry a little sensitivity to my advancing years. Normally I'm a fan of K-Love radio, but this week they kinda ticked me off. The announcers were asking people to call in with any stories about "older people doing great things for God." I found myself talking back to the radio. "What do you mean 'older people'? What qualifies as older? What are you saying, that you have to be in your twenties or thirties to have enough energy to serve God well? Of COURSE older people would be better at doing great things for God. They're smarter and have more experience. WHAT DO YOU MEAN?!!"

Yeah, no defensiveness in this "older" chicky, huh?

To be fair to K-Love, they did qualify it later that they were talking about people 65 or older, but I still found it offensive. I don't know too many 65-year-olds who act elderly by any means. Sounds like an idea hatched by a stupid 25-year-old.

But I'm not bitter.

My girls and I have become big fans of Clif bars this summer. They are so quick and easy for breakfast or a midday snack, packed with nutrition and very satisfying. (Hey, any Clif bar executives out there? I could write you a good commercial!). Kevin has steered clear of them. I can only assume it's because he thinks they are a "health food" and thus out of his comfort zone. I have learned the hard way to leave him alone concerning his food choices. At restaurants he generally orders the same dish and no matter of provocation on my part will cause him to expand his horizons. Instead I always manage to annoy him. So when it came to Clif bars, I decided he'd just be missing out.

Imagine my surprise one morning, then, when he pulled out a chocolate chip one for breakfast.

Me: You're eating a Clif bar?!

Kevin: Yeah. So?

Being the in tune individual that I am, I didn't press further. He unwrapped the bar and scrunched his nose.

Me: What?

Kevin: It looks weird.

Do you know how hard it was for me to NOT to mention the purple jellyfish marshmallow Little Debbie snacks he consumed that don't even look like food?! I shrugged and pretended not to watch. He took two bites and let it sit. I exercised enormous amounts of self-control stifling my questions and waited to see how long it would take for him to have another bite. Finally, I couldn't take it any more.

Me: You don't like it?

Kevin: It tastes like what I imagine poop would taste like.

Me: What?! You're crazy.

He just scowled and shook his head. Being the gracious person I am (um, honey, you don't need to comment), I let it go. Later that day, Ladies Man, without knowing the interchange I had with his dad, told me he'd tried one too and hated it. What is wrong with the males in my house? Pondering it today over a chocolate brownie variety, I think I finally saw the problem.

Kevin may have some validity in his poop comment.

I am going crazy this week listening to my clothes dryer. Suddenly it's developed this squeaky squeal noise. At first I thought those pesky birds were back, but it's a belt thing, I think. Ugh. It's taking longer to dry clothes too. I'm thinking we'll have to invest in a new one. My ears and nerves can't take much more of that icky, icky sound.

Drama Queen and Princess Dawdle spent lots of time at band camp in the last two weeks. Princess Dawdle has the weird tan to prove it. Can you guess what instrument she plays?

That strange white patch on her neck is from her neck strap on her saxophone. Good thing she can leave her hair down to cover it up.

I dropped a crap ton of money in Lincoln the other day shopping with my kiddos. And you know what? I've evolved, because I really didn't care how much I spent. I just kept thinking, "My kids are so great. They don't ask for much." The only downer was the stuff we bought for Ladies Man--dorm stuff--reminding me he'll be leaving us in two weeks. Sigh.

Ladies Man and Princess Dawdle sang a duet in my mom's church last Sunday. Lucky for me, I got all my tears out of the way listening to them practice throughout the week. Drama Queen shot this video of them practicing before the service. I think they did pretty good. (Just ignore the ding dong who forgot they were being taped as she tried to move cords.)

Tomorrow is mine and Kevin's anniversary. 28 years!!! I am the blessed woman who's been loved by this wonderful man for 28 years. Wow. God is SOOOOO good.

I love being your wife, babe. Thanks for this terrific life we share. I love you. Forever.

And with that, this mush fest will end. Enjoy your weekend, friends, and read more Quick Takes at Conversion Diary.


Miriam Pauline said...

Happy Anniversary my friend!

And tell your kids that the song was an awesome way to start my morning. :)

Doreen Joekel said...

Happy Anniversary to two Beautiful people that like for the Lord. Glad to call you friend.