Friday, August 15, 2014

7 Quick Takes (Volume 288)

It's been a big week at the Boesiger house. Change is brewing, my friends. Drama Queen moved out on Monday. (Sigh. Remember, my dear daughter, you can always come home. Just ask Drummer Boy how many times he's heard that phrase.) Princess Dawdle started her sophomore year of high school. And by this time next Friday, Ladies Man will be moved to college too. You ever have a weird uneasiness knowing things are about to be different? Yeah. That's me right now. It's going to be fine and we'll all adjust and go on to live productive, enjoyable lives, but right now it feels ew.

Congratulations to Ladies Man who bought his first car this week!

I was proud of the way he searched vehicles out by himself and contacted the owners, setting up times to test drive vehicles with his dad. After the purchase, I went with him to the courthouse to walk him through the registration process and I wish I could have captured the look on his face when he was all done.

Me: How's that feel to see a title with your name on it? You now own a car. You have an asset!

He just smiled and nodded his head in his charming way. Priceless. I'll never forget it.

While we were at the courthouse, we decided to get Princess Dawdle's driver's license. Yes, my BABY will be a licensed driver in 12 days! How did this happen?!

Even Ladies Man seems a little nervous about the proposition. As she was driving us around town the other day he was giving her unsolicited advice. As the youngest she's used to this sort of thing and didn't really respond, but I came to her defense.

Me: She's gotten a lot better. She's going to be fine. She'll be FINE!

Princess Dawdle: Are you saying that because it's true or are you trying to convince yourself?

Busted. Even though I've done this three times, watching her take that first trip without me is gonna be tough. Be safe, Princess Dawdle. Don't forget to look behind you. Flip your hair around AFTER you get to school, not on the way there.

Now that Ladies Man has his own car, Princess Dawdle inherits the school car he's been driving. The rule at our house is that we'll provide a car for our high-schoolers, but it stays here when they go to college. I love that my kids are not picky when it comes to wheels. Princess Dawdle is thrilled to have her "own" car now even though it's an old Buick LeSabre whose paint is peeling off the trunk. It was super cute when we came home from the courthouse. Ladies Man said his birthday gift to Princess Dawdle would be a full tank of gas. He checked the oil and the tires, and then recruited her help to clean it out (because HELLO! she contributed to the mess in there over the last year). They were having a blast together getting her car all shiny and clean. After I saw it I wished I would have put them on detail for my van!

One thing Ladies Man took from the LeSabre for his own car was a little plastic dinosaur he kept on the dash. They kid that he is a guardian angel of sorts, watching over them as they go from place to place. He and Princess Dawdle have joked around about this thing all year, ribbing each other about who gets to keep "Brock." Ladies Man won out and has already placed him in the new vehicle.

Princes Dawdle found her own, bigger dinosaur and named him Melvin. I don't know what it is about that name, but somehow Melvin doesn't instill as much confidence in me as Brock. Brock is manly, solid. Melvin is . . . well, Melvin. Nonetheless I think it's sweet she wants to perpetuate the tradition and be reminded every day of her brother in that silly dinosaur on her dash.

Thanks for all the anniversary wishes. Kevin and I had a wonderful time hanging out together all day. We went to a charming little movie called The Hundred-Foot Journey. As we entered the theater I pondered the nature of movies.

Me: Why is it that life seems more impressive or meaningful on the big screen? Is it because there's a musical score?

Kevin: Yes, that's true, but I also think it's because it's not your life. People say they'd love to be a fly on the wall in our house, but it's only fun because it isn't their normal.

Yeah. He can be kinda smart and profound at times. He's also a talented composer which makes me think he should write me a musical score for my life. Don't you agree? Suddenly this average homemaker's life would be full of substance and depth. Everyone could sense it in the change of melody. Surely people would laugh and cry and maybe even cheer! How exciting could my life be?!

Hey, get on that, would you Kevin? It would be awesome.

This was the first year since Drummer Boy was a little guy that we've only had one kid in school. Do you know how much easier it is to fill out those first week of school forms when you're only doing it for one child? I got 'em done YESTERDAY, people! Piece of cake, I tell you.

As is tradition in so many families, we had to take a first day of school pic. I flashed back to last year at this time when Princess Dawdle said, "Next year's gonna suck," wondering if it might be an emotional moment, but she was fine and humored me. Look how pretty by baby is getting.

When I took this picture, Princess Dawdle expressed a concern.

Princess Dawdle: What are you gonna do when I leave, Mom? Will I have to send you a selfie?

She's not my only child worried about my sanity after they're all gone. Drama Queen was so sweet on Monday, sending me a text later in the day saying, "I love you!" And she asked her dad to buy me some flowers. Drama Queen, that was so, so sweet. I love it. But I hope you get your money back, because he never bought them. You get all kinds of daughter points for thinking of it though. Your dad, however . . .

You know that Neil Diamond/Barbra Streisand song, "You Don't Bring Me Flowers Any More?" Yeah. That is my husband. He doesn't even bring me flowers when his daughter asks him to do it! (Is the guilt trip working, honey?)

Ladies Man keeps talking about how he's "adulting" which I guess is shorthand for becoming an adult.  If he's adulting what are we? The only word that comes to mind is aging. No. I refuse to go there. Not. Gonna. Do. It.

If you think of it, say a prayer for this mama next week as we have another chick leave the nest. I don't care how many times you do it, each one is a unique loss.

But he'll be fine. He'll be FINE!

Yeah. I saw what I did again. Shhh. A girl's gotta cope.

That's it for today, friends. Have a terrific weekend and read more Quick Takes at Conversion Diary.

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Kathleen Basi said...

Forms make my head (and my temper) want to implode and explode at the same time. Not pretty. :)