Friday, August 22, 2014

7 Quick Takes (Volume 289)

I had a twinge of sadness (that may be putting it mildly) as Ladies Man moved to college yesterday. The week was SO BUSY taking care of last minute things he would need, making sure he was set to succeed, at least as much as it depended on me. We got it all done and moved the boy in and even though he lives less than an hour away it still hurt my heart to leave him there. These kids and what they do to us! I'm so proud of who he's become though and am excited for his future. RAWR, Ladies Man! Go get 'em!

It was bittersweet watching Princess Dawdle and Ladies Man this week. You could see them wanting to make the most of their few days living in the same house. Every time Ladies Man had an errand to run, he'd ask her to go along. And for some reason he was really big on leaving her in good shape with the old car. First he bought her an early birthday present, a steering wheel cover.

Then there was a fob for the old car which broke in the spot you attach it to a key ring. He hasn't been using it, but decided to fix it so she could by drilling a tiny hole in it. Now everyone in the family, except ME, has a fob for remote locks and I have the newest car!

He must have gotten a little drill happy because then he started drilling tiny holes in Lego bricks and making key chains we are all supposed to use.

No worries, Ladies Man. There's no way we'll forget about you, whether we have Legos on our key chains or not.

Kevin and I had a super fun time with Drama Queen and The Boyfriend at a wedding reception last weekend. They got there before us and waited around to sit with us! There were all sorts of kids their age and they wanted to sit with us. I felt so honored.

Drama Queen ran off to see a few friends here and there, leaving her phone sitting at the table. We tried and tried to remember her pass code so we could take a selfie and make it her background. We had the right numbers, but not in the right order. Finally The Boyfriend gave it to us and we got in, but she caught us in the act. We thought we were funny. She thought we were lame, especially when she had to tell us how to make it her background. I guess that makes us old, but we're kinda cute. Kinda. Aren't we? (I've had an emotional week. Just say yes.)

You may have noticed a little change in the blog this week. I'm playing around with making it fresher, cleaner. It desperately needs an update. I stink at this sort of thing and despise doing it. It involves decisions and ugh, don't get me started. I think I may hate it worse than cleaning which is saying a heap ton. It's a work in progress, people. Any good that comes is only at the hand of my beloved husband who patiently endures me saying things like, "I hate that. No. I want something like . . . I'm gonna look like a hack. Too frilly. I've just wrecked everything. No. No. I don't know. This is totally stressing me out!"

Early in our marriage we tried to hang wallpaper in a stairwell. I think that was worse than this venture. I think. In the end we survived it and we're older and wiser now, so we should be okay. As long as I keep breathing and quit overthinking it all. It's a work in progress, but Kevin assures me we'll get there. Thanks for your help, honey!

Our local high school is working on their fall musical. This year they'll be performing The Wizard of Oz. Princess Dawdle has been cast as a tot.

Princess Dawdle: Tots are the ballerina girls that sing "The Lullaby League."

Me: That's good, isn't it?

Princess Dawdle (rolling in her eyes): I'm in there with all these dancer girls. I'm gonna look stupid.

Me: You'll catch on. You do show choir. It's not like you can't dance at all.

Princess Dawdle: That's just a bunch of popping your hips and smiling big. It's not ballet.

Me: You'll be fine.

Princess Dawdle: Ugh. I'd rather be a tree.

We're headed to Memorial Stadium tonight to watch Drama Queen march in the Cornhusker Marching Band Exhibition. She's the only girl on the snare line with eight other boys this fall, but I have no doubt she can handle it. We were texting about it earlier in the week.

Me: Keep those boys in line.

Drama Queen: They got a little tough love yesterday.

Me: What?

Drama Queen: The boys on my side got yelled at a few times yesterday.

Me: Yeah, you can put the smack down all right. RAWR!

Drama Queen: Haha they aren't that scared of me yet.

Me: They should be!

I have home movies that prove that girl was pushing people around at 2 years old. If those boys know what's good for them, they'll stay in line. Drummer Boy can probably corroborate. Right, son?

And thus concludes another saga of the Boesiger Bunch Chronicles. Enjoy your weekend, friends, and catch more Quick Takes at Conversion Diary.

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