Friday, August 29, 2014

7 Quick Takes (Volume 290)

Happy Birthday to my BABY! Princess Dawdle turned 16 this week. I still remember these days.

I was worried her birthday was going to be a downer for her now that she's the only kid in our house, but I shouldn't have been. She has some really sweet friends. One girl surprised her by decorating her car.

I was a little nervous watching her take her maiden voyage alone to school. She pretty much captures what I was feeling.

Celebrating with our family was as silly as ever.

The night before school pictures, Princess Dawdle piddled around for HOURS trying to decide what to wear. This girl is no morning glory, let me tell you, so I knew she had to get it decided that night, yet I heard her chatting it up with her friends. At one point she came in with a pair of skinny jeans, while on face time with a friend.

Princess Dawdle (obviously poised to make a point): What color would you say these are?

Kevin: peach

Me: peach or orange

Princess Dawdle (to her iPod): Did you hear that? Peach or orange. NOT pink!

Me: You STILL don't know what you're wearing? What is taking you so long?

Princess Dawdle: The struggle is real, Mom.

Oh brother. You think she's about ready to inherit her sister's name?

I got the kids' guacamole kits done. I think they turned out pretty good.

A special touch was cutting boards made and signed by their grandpa.

Remember me telling you how Ladies Man wanted to start guacamole night in his dorm? When he found out his roommate is a big guacamole fan, he made some his very first night. He's been there one week and already some girl has challenged him to a "guac off."

I think this means I should get some credit for his social success, right?

Every day my iPad gives me a little message from about the word for the day. Normally I don't click over and look at them unless it's a particularly strange word I've never seen before. I HAD to check it out on Wednesday when the word was pulchritudinous.

pulchritudinous: physically beautiful; comely

Now there's a word you can sink your teeth into! I'm a woman who loves specifics. When my husband tells me "you look nice" that does nothing for me. What does that even mean? The pillows on my couch "look nice." I told Princess Dawdle her new steering wheel cover, "looked nice." When I actually clean my house I think it "looks nice." Do I fit in the same category as a couch pillow? (Wait, maybe I don't want an answer to that.)

But if he were to say, "Oh honey, you are absolutely pulchritudinous today" that may turn my crank. Obviously it would mean he had put some thought into it. And it would probably require some extra work learning how to SAY it which means he went the extra mile for me. Plus I love a man with good vocabulary.

How do you suppose I get the app on HIS iPad?

We attended Drama Queen's band exhibition last Friday. I don't know why I get such a kick out of her being the only girl on the snare line, but I do. Here's this year's crew.

Proud of you, babe!

On Saturday we went back to the University to watch The Boyfriend's exhibition as part of Big Red Singers, the show choir at the University of Nebraska. I couldn't believe HOW MUCH DANCING they did! By the end of the performance they were bushed. They literally panted through their last song. You can tell by this picture how taxing it was.

That poor guy was a total sweat bucket! But boy can he dance! He da man!

After the concert, we got a little camera happy. Here's one I love of my mom, me and the girls.

But then things just got ridiculous.

Now that I have sufficiently frightened you, I'm calling it a day. Enjoy your weekend, friends, and find more Quick Takes at Conversion Diary.


Deanna said...

I love all your pictures, looks like so much fun!

Kathleen Basi said...

You guys always have so much fun.

As for pulchritudinous (had to cut & paste that one!), I'm not totally convinced. I kind of think words about beauty should be beautiful, and if I had to classify that word based on its own attractiveness I would have expected it to mean something quite different. :)

Now if there was a word to evoke the soft chewiness of toddler ears and neck and cheek while typing blog comments, I would totally go for that one.

Tami Boesiger said...

Kathleen, you made me laugh saying pulchritudinous is not a very beautiful word. Agreed! I just think I'd appreciate the effort of anyone looking for something original to say!