Friday, September 12, 2014

7 Quick Takes (Volume 292)

I may or may not be showing my age.

I've noticed my fingers are starting to get that deformed, arthritic look. The top knuckle on my ring finger of my right hand is curving to the left ever so slightly. And the middle knuckle on the finger next to it is tilting the other way. The bottom joint in my right thumb is achy all the time too.

I already have grandma hands. What are they going to look like in twenty years?!

And if that isn't bad enough, I also had this conversation with my husband.

Kevin: Is that your phone?

Me: What? Did my phone go off?

Kevin: I think it buzzed.

I checked and indeed it had.

Me: Oh, yeah. I guess I didn't hear it.

Kevin: It's just my stellar ears.

Me: These are your stellar years?

Kevin: Ears.

Me: Why are these your stellar years?

Kevin: EARS! My stellar ears! I guess we know why you didn't hear it!


I've really been missing my kids this past two weeks and have become super sappy mom. Drama Queen's been sending us assorted snapchats every day and I just love her attempts to stay connected. Though I'm just awful at snapchat, I made an effort, because she's just so dang cute in hers. I wish I would have taken a screen shot of her shocked face.

Drama Queen: You actually responded!!

And then Kevin and I did some perfectly silly ones with she and The Boyfriend and I was reminded yet again why my kids are so awesome.

Continuing in sappy mom mode, I was texting Ladies Man about how school was going and couldn't resist telling him my feelings.

Me: We sure do miss you.

And in pure, smooth move Ladies Man fashion, he totally proved why he has his name.

Ladies Man: I'm in the same boat.

Of COURSE I actually uttered aloud, "Awwww!" and got a little teary-eyed. My husband was not as moved.

Kevin: You are too easy.

It's true.

I couldn't help myself from texting Drummer Boy as well. You would have been proud of me. I didn't even ask about guacamole. He filled my sap tank too, asking "How are you!" with an explanation point like he really wanted to know. You see how easy I am?! He also told me he's finally taking care of something he's been putting off for months and I've been nagging politely reminding him about. I was so happy and proud, as if he told me he was buying me a new car. I didn't say anything but my mind was going crazy. Look at you, Mr. Grownup. You are such a stud.

Yeah, I may have a problem.

As a friend was telling me about her young kids using their cute face, I realized my kids are grown and the cute face still works on me. It makes me wonder when the turning point was. I never used to cave whenever my kids smiled at me. I used to be firm and unflappable. They knew who was boss.

Or maybe I'm suffering from selective memory too.

I ran into some people I knew from high school the other day and they were asking about my family. My response gives you an indication of my current emotional state.

Me: Well, we just lost our third child.

And then I realized how that sounded so I quickly corrected myself.

Me: I mean, he went to college. He didn't die or anything!

My, oh my.

You should probably pray for poor Princess Dawdle who is suffering through all my sappy mom affection. I find myself hugging her all the time telling her how great she is. This girl should have no self-esteem issues whatsoever! So far she's been really sweet about it, telling me I'm a great mom too and stuff like that. But soon she'll be begging her siblings to come home.

Lucky her. She gets super sap queen all to herself.

We had a great time at a family reunion last Saturday. I grew up with and went to school with many of my cousins. Most live within an hour of me and at least once a year we still get the family together. Here's a picture of some of us. (Why did the rest of you not make it in the picture?)

These people were my childhood. We'd get together on weekends for pizza and fun. We'd go fishing with Grandpa and meet at Grandma's for Sunday dinner. We'd spend the night at each other's houses and hang out together all summer. This family has provided a TON of good memories for me.

I like that my kids know my cousins' kids. Princess Dawdle even went home with one of my cousins to spend more time with her daughter.

Yeah. This family is a rare and precious gift I don't take for granted. Love you guys!

I'm headed west this weekend to see some awesome people and speak at a women's conference. REALLY looking forward to it. You might say a prayer for all of us as we get deep. I plan to talk about grace, humility and vulnerability in relationships and finish it up with a talk called Getting Real With God. Those poor women may not know what they're in for, but I'm expecting God to show up big time. RAWR. Gets me going, I tell you.

I better hit the road, folks. I hope your weekend is deep and exhilarating too. If you can't handle deep and exhilarating, spend some time reading more Quick Takes instead at Conversion Diary. Adios!


Christine said...

Well, I can't laugh at your sappiness, because after my last two weeks, I'm pretty sure I'll be just like you in a few years. My oldest turned 16 and my youngest started preschool. I was either crying or on the verge of it all last week. This week I found myself crying in the baking aisle of the grocery store. It's getting ridiculous.
The phone conversation made me laugh, though. :)

Jessica Snell said...

I can't laugh at your sappiness either. My kids can get to my emotions so easily and, y'know? I'm okay with that.

My heart is open to my kids; I don't want to close it.

Tami Boesiger said...

These kids and what they do to us! Am I right, girls?! Christine, you go ahead and cry your heart out in the bakery aisle. You know you're invested. And Jessica, you are right. Why would we want to close our hearts to them?