Friday, February 05, 2010

7 Quick Takes (Volume 68)

1) Because I'm trying to convince my children vegetables are their friends, I've been cooking different varieties in hope of finding something they'll enjoy. The other day I stir-fried snow peas and carrots.

Me: You have to try at least one pea and one carrot. This stuff is awesome and look how pretty it is.

Ladies Man and Miss Innocent One turn up their noses at each other: Okay, we'll get some.

Kevin: Bring it in here and eat in front of us. I want to see you chew and swallow it with my own eyes.

Ladies Man: Aw.

They complied, but before the dirty deed was done, Ladies Man gagged. Kevin's mother will find this especially sweet as he used to do the same thing with broccoli.

2) Shhh. Don't tell Drama Queen, but I'm quickly approaching her in number of Facebook friends. Remember her cocky teen attitude about it a few months ago? Well, sister, I'm only behind by fourteen now. FOURTEEN! Keep those suggestions coming, people. We're talking about saving face for an entire generation of mothers!

When I say game on, I mean, GAME ON!

3) I learned a new term this week--"wangster". Ladies Man describes it as a wanna-be gangster, usually a white kid who wears baggy pants with their boxers showing, a huge necklace, and a flat-top hat, cocked sideways. Often they don aviators and chew on their pens, thinking they're really tough, or at least that's the impression Ladies Man gets. He doesn't find them so tough though, as he says they act like girls, with their drama over who is and isn't their friend on any given day (He pretty much slammed girls AND wangsters with that comment, but I'm sure he meant "no offense." Yes, I'm rolling my eyes.).


Now you know. You're welcome.

4) My husband makes fun of me for eating prunes. I tell him prunes are a great source of nutrition, sweet and satisfying with terrific health benefits. I honestly like them and think he might too if he ever tried them, but he's not convinced.

"Give me my prunes," he says in his most wobbly, shaky voice, "This old lady needs her prunes."

My response?

"Hey, these prunes are helping me raise your eyebrows, so you should love them."

5) This week on Facebook, people have been posting pictures of celebrities they've been told they look like. I wasn't going to participate until my husband did and in one of those weak moments when you're going with the flow of the evening and you can't resist your cute husband's urging while sitting on the couch together, I decided to play along.

It must not be too far-fetched because my own mother left a message on my phone saying she was shocked to see how much I looked like Demi Moore and asking if Drama Queen had straightened my hair! The next morning Ladies Man asked, "You know your profile pic? Is it you?"

I'm not sure if I should be flattered my mother and son thought it could be me or offended they still needed to ask. Whatever. I'll take it. Now if only I had her knock out body. . .

6) For weeks my good friend has been coaxing me to join the Caribbean Boot Camp at our local YMCA. I've been watching her die through the glass windows all month and not feeling the need to do so myself. In high school my band director wanted me to try out for the Army Band, thinking it a huge honor to get accepted, but all I could think about was how scary boot camp would be. It's ranks right up there among my biggest childhood fears--escalators, snakes and boot camp.

Last Friday, my friend and I were accosted by the trainer for Caribbean Boot Camp and he gave me a free taste. Talk about feeling the burn and he only worked us 15 minutes! At least I wasn't as sore as I thought I would be all weekend. I know my friend would say it proves I'm ready for the challenge, but yikes.

Then in a stroke of one-upping-his wife, my dear husband, the guy who hasn't stepped foot in the YMCA for at least nine months, announced he signed HIMSELF up for boot camp. What?! Now the pressure's on. Ugh.

Hey, wasn't Demi Moore in a movie called G.I. Jane where she suffered through boot camp and attained that gorgeous, toned, buff bod? Ah, now we're talking. . .

7) I think Miss Innocent One and Ladies Man need more to do. They made this video last weekend. Enjoy or feel sorry for me or whatever. (Special note to my Facebook friends--If you want to see this video, you'll have to click on the link at the bottom of the note titled "View Original Post.")

That's it for me this find Friday, friends. Have a good weekend and check out more Quick Takes at Conversion Diary.


Brenda said...

Demi, I mean Tami,

Thanks for the education about Wangster. I hadn't heard that one. We can have Demis body with plastic surgeons, personal trainers and a good airbrusher person.

Jaime Kubik said...

I was going to comment the other day on your Facebook page about the new profile pic -- I had never thought of it before, but you DO look like Demi!! WOW!