Thursday, July 15, 2010

No More Wishing for Something Different

More play days necessitate more reruns. This post originally appeared July 31, 2006.

My husband and I spent the last weekend by ourselves. With our older kids on a missions trip and our younger kids at my mom's, we enjoyed a few days of uninterrupted conversations, thinking only of our own agenda. No bickering, no noise, no spontaneous hoots or smacks on table (you've really got to stop that, Drummer Boy!), no cooking, no laundry, no concern about time. We slept VERY late, ate WAY too much and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.

But here's the funny thing. I missed my kids. I missed the way Miss Innocent One pats my back when she walks by me on the computer. I missed Drama Queen's knowing glances, catching the drift of what's REALLY going on. I missed Drummer Boy's goofy, "Hey, Mom!" and Ladies Man's shy way of sneaking up for a hug. It seems not a week goes by where I don't long for more time to myself and more quiet, yet when I get it, I see it is overrated. Life is not greener on the other side. My kids aren't hampering my style, they are enriching it.

Does wishing for something different make us miss the blessings of TODAY? Getting the quiet I so longed for this weekend was bittersweet. I slept better, but I missed a lot of hugs and Miss Innocent One's gentle kisses. It was nice having to get only myself ready and out the door for church, but I felt old sitting there without any kids. My house may have been quiet, but it didn't have the life it normally has. So today, when things get tense at my house I'm going to look for the blessings, look for what I would miss wishing for something different.

What would you miss out on if you wished for something different?

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