Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Revealing Satan's Best Trick

More play days necessitate more reruns. This post originally appeared October 21, 2008.

Woman A notices Woman B's workout routine is starting to pay off, catches sight of her own hips in the window and grimaces. Woman B wishes she had hair like Woman C, who wonders how Woman A got her teeth so white.

Woman X offers Woman Y a breath mint. Woman Y immediately starts analyzing whether she needs it or not while Woman X hopes being polite does not expose her own halitosis.

Woman D becomes paranoid as Woman E keeps staring at her waist, certain she notices her PMS bloating. Woman E envies Woman D's belt.

Woman R sighs as she steps away from the sink, thinking her hair looks bad. Woman S frowns at her reflection, silently bemoaning the new wrinkles she sees. Woman T enters the bathroom, smiles at them both, secretly wishing she was as together as they are.

Woman L is self-conscious of the zit on her chin as she talks with Woman M who is embarrassed her earrings don't match her shirt.

Woman F wishes she were as thin as Woman G. Woman G longs for a chest like Woman H. Woman H wants to be as young as Woman I. Woman I yearns for pretty eyes like Woman F.

Eyes roam. Comparisons abound. Satan laughs.

What is a woman to do?

Photo Credit: I wish i was the Royal Trux

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Anonymous said...

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