Friday, August 13, 2010

7 Quick Takes (Volume 94)

1) Here's a picture from last week's Band Camp Exhibition.

Drummer Boy is on the left, facing the band with the drum sticks hanging out his back pocket (he's such a drummer). Ladies Man is the first trombone player directly to his right (can you tell he's a titch taller than his brother now?) and Drama Queen is standing in front of the third tuba player. She's the snare player on the left.

At the Band Exhibition potluck, we met a very nice family new to our community. When the daughter told us she was a freshman, we said, "Our son is a freshman."

"Oh, I know Ladies Man," she said, "He's kind of hard to miss."

"Uh oh."

She added with a smile, "No, he's funny."

When I told Ladies Man about it, he said, "Man, I knew I was a little out there. I must be REALLY out there."

After watching him at high school orientation the other night, I wholeheartedly concur! Yikes!

2) Miss Innocent One, our little note fairy taped this to the kitchen cabinet so we'd see it after our anniversary date.

She's a sweetheart.

3) As I admitted my sadness over Drummer Boy moving out, Ladies Man offered these words of wisdom.

Ladies Man: You gotta let the cubs grow up.

Oh brother.

Kevin: If the cub is grown, when do we stop calling him a cub?

Ladies Man ignored him to make his own point.

Ladies Man: A cub's got to grow up and catch their own fish.

Does this mean the cubs will fry their own fish too? I'm all for that!

4) She may have inherited her hysterics from her father, but this week I found evidence Drama Queen as gotten something from me too.

I found these words on the side of this pan after she made popcorn. It's part of the popcorn bag! She's inherited my melting gene!

5) Since she has painting experience from our summer musical (and wields a pretty good paint roller), Miss Innocent One offered to help me paint in Drama Queen's new attic bedroom.

Me: Great. It'll go much faster with help. You better get to bed so we can get up and go to town.

Miss Innocent One: For what?

Me: Honey, "go to town" means get to work.

She thought for a second and started giggling.

Miss Innocent One: Obviously I'm tired.

Later she came into our room still laughing about it.

Me: Yeah. Don't be a ditz, babe.

She gave a nervous laugh and I knew.

Me: It means don't be a blond.

Miss Innocent One: Hey!

(My apologies to you smart blonds out there. It's a term she understands!)

6) Speaking of Drama Queen's room, here's the priming we got done yesterday.

It's starting to look like something!

You'll never believe the wild colors we decided on for the finish coat. Stay tuned.

7) How about one more story about Drama Queen? We're sitting around the dinner table the other night when suddenly she screams.

Drama Queen: Oh my gosh! Deja vu!

Ladies Man: What?

Drama Queen: We've had this conversation before. Totally.

Miss Innocent One: Nuh uh.

Drama Queen: Yes, we did. We even fought about whether it was deja vu or not.

Of course she'd make deja vu a debate! She saw Inception recently. You suppose the movie's seeping into her subconscious?

Ack. Thinking about it too much makes my head hurt and that movie's not worth giving too much thought to. Guess who was annoyed by the ending? Total cop out!

And that's all I'm going to say about it. Enjoy your last weekend of summer, friends, and wander over to our substitute host, Betty Beguiles, for some other Quick Takes.

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