Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Stealing Lonely Moments

The stillness of a sleeping house beckons me out of bed. In the quiet, nothing distracts from my reading, my thinking, my praying. All may not be well, but it will be after I've spent this time alone with my God. For in these moments, every task, responsibility or worry seem to lose their importance. In the blessed silence I don't care that I don't understand. I don't wish for any more than what I have. I don't fear the future. Because in that place, in the presence of Almighty God, nothing else matters. I wish I could bottle up the peace and take a swig of it later in the day when life gets busy and stressful and complicated, when I'm sure I'm an unfit mother, a lousy friend, an incapable servant, when I think one more question will surely make my head explode, when dollar signs put a pit in my gut and time ticks away too fast.

I suppose that is why even Jesus stole away moments with His Father. He needed reprieve from this world too.

But Jesus often withdrew to lonely places and prayed.

Luke 5:16

And so must I.

If my "lonely place" occurs early in the morning, I've got to grab it, for it's worth the loss of sleep. If the demands of my family are getting to me, withdrawing to the bathroom for "loneliness" with the Savior is necessary. Shutting the radio off while driving from one place to the next to listen for Him will soothe my soul. Even in the company of a crowd, I can retreat in my mind for a visit with the Prince of Peace.

To keep my sanity, the right perspective and a sense of peace, stealing lonely moments with my God are crucial.

Lord God, show us how to take them.

Photo Credit: Hoong Wei Long


Linda said...

So true! Moments with Him in the morning are the best.

Shelley said...

I agree - thanks so much for sharing x

Yolanda said...

I agree with you. In our busy world we must steal lonely moments to spend time with him.

Marsha Young said...

A true and beckoning post. We all have our lonely places, but we can choose to either have them with Jesus or without Him.

I am glad you choose with Him. Me too. God bless you. ---Marsha Y.