Friday, February 15, 2013

7 Quick Takes (Volume 223)

1) It has long been a habit at our house to watch court TV while eating lunch (no judging until you click here for the explanation), but lately with all the hubbub surrounding Downton Abbey, we decided to check it out and have been watching past season's episodes. When the kids had a day off school last week, Princess Dawdle noticed.

Princess Dawdle: Wait, what's this? Where's court TV?

Me: We started watching Downton Abbey and got hooked. We're watching this at lunch now.

Princess Dawdle: Wow. We've evolved.

I wish I could concur. Although the show airs on PBS which makes a person feel cultured and intelligent, I'm not sure it's anything more than a British soap opera. Interesting commentary on a person's place in life, but soap opera-ish all the same.

2) My favorite coffee shop in town closed this week. I'm still in mourning. It's the only place I could get a butterscotch latte and they did it so perfectly. They NEVER disappointed. Every single time I took that first sip I'd just melt. Sooooo wonderful. Plus they made me feel like a celebrity. I'd walk in and they'd say, "Your regular?" I've never had a place who knew my regular. What am I saying? I've never had a place! And now I'll go back to being a nobody, walking in and hearing, "What can I get you, Ma'am?" And don't even get me started about being called Ma'am. I know it's polite and all, but it just makes me feel old. When I was in college I worked as a grocery store checker and I used Miss for people around my age and Ma'am for those of a more advanced age. So now when someone calls me Ma'am it's like they're slapping me in the face saying, "You're OLD, lady!"

Sigh. I think I need a butterscotch latte. Poop.

3) I saw my little nephews last weekend and was so touched when the 8-year-old ran up all excited to tell me something.

Nephew: Hey, I told my class at school about your trip to Uganda. There's like a hundred, maybe a thousand people praying for you.

Me: That's awesome. Thank you!

Nephew: Yeah. We're all praying. And I'm thinking about giving you a dollar.

Me: Wow. That would be cool.

Later we said our good byes and were out the door when he came running back out.

Nephew: I need to tell you something. When you get a shot you should cough because then it won't hurt so bad.

Me: Really? That doesn't make any sense to me, because doesn't that jiggle the needle when you cough?

Nephew: I don't know, but it's true that it won't hurt as bad. I read it in my Weird But True book.

Me: Well I gotta get a lot of shots. That's good to know.

Nephew: Yep, just cough. That'll make it better.

And I walked away smiling at another ripple. So sweet.

4) Ladies Man had a band concert this week. While he was helping move chairs between bands I noticed his sock was stuck in the back of his pant leg and it drove me crazy. Finally I couldn't take it and had Princess Dawdle go tell him so he could take it out. Knowing it would annoy the snot out of me, look what he did instead.

He tucked both socks completely in and kept it that way for the entire concert!!! The boy has no shame! This is why the rest of the shots look like this.

5) And now it's time for Kevin's Korner. Today he has friendly tips for parents of show choir kids.

This is going to be a big show choir weekend for me. First we head to Elkhorn South to watch Ladies Man's show choir, Limited Edition, sing and then Saturday I will be judging at the Norris Show Choir Competition. This time of year is busy with music contests. I usually get to judge at a couple and also attend a few watching my kids do their thing. I never thought of myself as a tough judge but last year at the Norris contest as I compared my scores with my colleagues, I gave lower scores… consistently. This made one of the other judges extremely happy since he was usually the tough judge. The interesting thing was that when we ranked the groups we had the same order except for a couple of the groups so I guess even though I was the hardest judge it didn't matter because we all were in agreement. If you have kids involved in music contests coming up, here are a couple tips to put you in good standing with the judge. #1… Don't sit too close to the judge or try to nonchalantly look at what they are writing or what rating they gave your kid. #2… Don't make excuses for your kid's performance - even in a joking manner. #3… Don't give your child a standing ovation. No matter how much you cheer and applaud, we are not influenced by the crowds reaction. #4… Don't make comments to those around you hoping the judge will hear your critique of the performance. #5… It's okay to talk to the judge, we are people too. #6… If the judge does not look like they want to talk or they are busy writing on a ballot, patiently wait for them to finish. #7… Judges do not enjoy giving low ratings and we are not out to make your kid cry. We are simply trying to give helpful comments and want everyone to do well. But let's face it, not every performance is a superior. This has been a public service announcement. I hope you have gained a few helpful tips for the upcoming music contest season. If you see me at Norris on Saturday, come and say hello. I'll be one of the critique judges which means I will be in and out of the competition. I get to talk to every other show choir immediately following their performance. I am looking forward to it. I know many of you can't imagine me talking in front of choirs all day.

Keep Kicking it!

6) Ladies Man: What are you guys doing for Valentine's Day?

Kevin: Mom's got rehearsal.

Ladies Man: So you're not doing anything?

Kevin: We went out Saturday night.

Me: Your dad's been sending me texts every hour on the hour all day.

Ladies Man (looking over Kevin's shoulder at his phone): What do you mean? (Seeing "I love . . . ") Wait, maybe I don't wanna know.

Me: It's nothing weird. Just what he loves about me.

Kevin (showing him): I love how you mother our kids. Stuff like that.

Ladies Man (looking at his girlfriend sheepishly): Dang. That's a good idea . . .

Like I tell you, my precious sons, if you want to be a good husband, WATCH YOUR FATHER!!!

7) We've got a busy weekend ahead. We're headed to Ladies Man's show choir competition today. I'm playing in the orchestra for our community theater's production of How To Succeed in Business Without Even Trying Friday and Saturday night and then next weekend as well. Kevin's judging the show choir competition from 7:AM to 10:PM Saturday, while I might try to get to Ladies Man's speech meet during the day. Then we've got our nephew's first birthday party on Sunday. I'm looking VERY forward to spending time with my extended family for that. Gonna be going, going, going, but full of fun.

Hope you enjoy your weekend too, friends. Kick back and read more Quick Takes at Conversion Diary.

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Kathleen Basi said...

#6: AWWWWWWWW! You do have a good one!

The story @ your nephew is so sweet...and as for Downton Abbey, I have spent two weeks TRYING to get through the pilot episode on Netflix. Life with too many commitments.....