Friday, August 09, 2013

7 Quick Takes (Volume 246)

Happy Anniversary to my wonderful husband! We were married on this day 27 years ago. I always assumed I wouldn't marry. My high school years were not filled with interested suitors, if you know what I mean. I would look at myself in the mirror and wonder how any man would want me (Before anyone comes down on me, you should know I was 30-40 pounds heavier throughout high school than I am now. I was ever the girl with the "pretty face" which I took as code for "it's too bad she's fat."). I hung my hat on God's Word which said, "Delight yourself in the Lord and he will give you the desires of your heart." (Psalm 37:4) I figured if I committed myself to God (aka delighted in Him), either He'd give me a husband or change my desire for one and either way it was win-win. I prayed for a man who loved me for ME, not the way I looked.

Kevin was my miracle. Still is. I got what I prayed for and then some. The past 27 years have been the happiest of my life. We're celebrating God's great goodness to us by going away for a few days to a new place off the beaten path we've never visited before. Looking forward to some time away with you, honey!

I had to laugh when I got this text from Drama Queen.

Drama Queen: I just cut out a few coupons . . . #officiallyanoldlady

She has been feeling very domestic lately, preparing to move into a house with a few other girls. She's gone wild buying towels and dishes and kitchen supplies. I suppose the coupons just sent her over the edge.

She did get to do something very fun this week, though. She spent Tuesday filming a Pepsi commercial to be aired in Memorial Stadium on game days. She and a few other drum line kids played Pepsi bottles all over the stadium. And got paid to do it!

Don't worry, babe. You're not old until you your children tell you you're slipping and your hearing is going.

At least that's what I'm told.

For this year's Christmas musical, Kevin and I are writing a fairy tale. We have been completely immersed in it for the last month and the language is seeping into our every day conversations. The other day I went to the gym and wasn't back before he left for work, so I sent him a text.

Me: Good morning, dear husband.

Kevin's reply text: Good morrow, fair wife. Have a blessed morn.

Yeah. We're kinda dorky. But I sure do love him.

Princess Dawdle hung her head out the car window.

Princess Dawdle: This is amazing! Why have I never done this before?

Me (truly feeling end of the day fatigue): Cause you might look like a dog?

Princess Dawdle: This makes me want to ride a four-wheeler right now. Why don't we live in the country so I can do that?

Me: Because it costs a lot of money to live in the country and we've never had a lot of money.

Princess Dawdle: Wow. That's not sugar-coating it. That's straight up.

But she couldn't take the chance of offending me, so in pure Princess Dawdle form she had to add.

Princess Dawdle: That's okay. I'm perfectly content where we are.

Me (tired of meeting any needs whatsoever and not caring anymore): Good thing, because it wouldn't matter much if you weren't.

We haven't seen much of Drummer Boy lately which has this mama feeling a little sad. He's been consumed with band camps. Last week he worked for Beatrice which kept him home, but this week he's at Waverly High School and sometime yet this month he heads to a college in North Carolina to instruct a drum line. I've gotten used to his presence around the house again this summer and kinda like it.

I can just see his eyes rolling back into his head.

Never mind, Drummer Boy. I love you. Can't help it. Hope you had a good week.

How about something a mother never wants to hear? Ladies Man went to use his grandpa's power tools to construct a double sided ping pong paddle whose use and advantage I do not understand. Basically the guy was killing time, I think. As soon as he got back I heard this.

Ladies Man: Don't freak out, Mom. I kinda shredded my thumb.

It must not be too bad, because the first thing he did when he got home was play his guitar and then switched to a keyboard where he made up annoying songs.

For the sake of my sanity and my son's health, I think it's time for school to start.

Anyone in my area should tune into KWBE 1450 AM on Tuesday morning at 8:30. I'll be on air talking about my Uganda trip. I'm not sure why it's news, but the anchor who'll be conducting the interview said, "It's not every day someone goes to Africa." It will be a whole new experience for me. Looking forward to it!

And that's all for today, friends. I hope your weekend is fantabulous and you enjoy whatever you like, including reading more Quick Takes at Conversion Diary!.

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Kathleen Basi said...

Good luck on your radio premiere! You'll do great. What a terrific opportunity!

I remember what I call the transition time--you're not really living at home anymore, you're not really settled in adulthood, you're just hanging out in transition. It was hard. I didn't like that time. That's the time when kids really become adults.