Friday, November 15, 2013

7 Quick Takes (Volume 258)

My brain hasn't been firing on all cylinders this week. I'm blaming it on lack of sleep. Why can I never seem to STAY asleep? Grr. I sat down to do the sudoku one morning at breakfast and found myself struggling through the beginner puzzle which totally chapped my hide (Don't say it, Drama Queen.).

Me (in severe angst): Why am I such an IDIOT today?

Kevin (ever the encourager): I don't know.

Okay, that was NOT the answer I wanted to hear. Would it be that difficult to say, "Oh honey, you're not an idiot. It's morning. Give yourself a break."? But I got, "I don't know . . . " and the silent rest of the sentence " . . . why you're such an idiot." I couldn't take it.

Me: Bad answer, honey. Bad, BAD answer!

We celebrated Ladies Man's 18th birthday on 11-12-13. Where has the time gone?! I still remember these days.

And now he's this strapping young man.

It's been a wild ride, Ladies Man. Thanks for keeping it interesting. Love you!

Because Ladies Man turned 18, I've been reminding him to register for Secret Service. Uh huh. I see what I did there. My family keeps pointing out that I mean Selective Service. I don't know why I have Secret stuck in my head.  Do I have hidden aspirations for him to be in the FBI or something?

It is one case where I see the tides turning in our family. I am  no longer Mom-who-knows-everything (Who am I kidding? When was I EVER Mom-who-knows-everything?!). Now I'm Poor-stupid-mother-who-can't-keep-anything-straight. I would like to point out that I have a better vocabulary than any of them. Never mind the fact that if I can't use the right word in its appropriate place it means nothing. Sigh.

Maybe I will embrace my new status and claim I can't do half the stuff I can so that someone else will take care of it. That's it! Their mocking will backfire on them. Soon they'll be overrun with new tasks their poor stupid mother can't do (Insert maniacal laugh--see, told you I have a good vocabulary).

We have only three weeks until our fairy tale Christmas musical opens. Apparently it's seeping into our psyche. Ladies Man complained to Kevin about unplugging his ipad and got this reply.

Kevin: Your accusation cuts me to the quick.

Oh my.

Ladies Man has a new passion. He was sick over the weekend and must have spent WAY too much time watching youtube videos. We knew he was feeling better when he came out with this.

It's an apple swan he said he saw on youtube. He was super proud of his creation.

Ladies Man: I'm really gonna get into fruit sculptures now.

Who says these kinds of things?! I guess fruit sculptures won't leave spray paint on my sidewalk or wood shavings on my basement floor or scads of cardboard remnants all over the house. Knock yourself out, boy!

Let's see. My brain is puttering out. What else do I got? Um . . . hmmm . . . now that it's colder outside and I'm wearing pants most of the time I don't bother shaving my legs as much. Is that riveting content?

Pappy is shaving less too. Still not a fan, but I'm telling him to keep it for the Christmas musical since it fits his character. I guess I'll suffer for the sake of art. Or something like that.

And speaking of said musical, is it too soon to give the invite? Since I'm struggling to fill in my blanks here, I say no. Come on down (or over or up or whichever direction applies to you) for something completely different for us this year. We've attempted to imitate C.S. Lewis or J.R.R. Tolkien in a whimsical, magical adventure hinting at a bigger Story (yeah, that sounds good and see if you can figure out why I capitalized Story). Make it a night for the whole family. Kids are gonna love this one, I think. Hope you can make it!

With that we'll call it a day. Have a great weekend and read more Quick Takes at Conversion Diary!.

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