Friday, January 30, 2015

7 Quick Takes (Volume 300)

300 Volumes of Quick Takes? Should we have confetti or just black balloons? How about a trip down memory lane? Here's what was happening in Volume 200 and Volume 100, back when Princess Dawdle was still Miss Innocent One. Wow, are those days long gone!

I thought I hit the jackpot when I bought a new pair of jeans for $7 a few weeks ago. But the real prize came the first time I sat down to relieve myself. Look at the great surprise hidden inside the pockets!

Doesn't that just make you feel happy? And think of how many times a day I'll get to see that? How can I incorporate these sorts of positive messages in other places of my life? The good Lord knows how much incentive I need in this area. Should I place post it notes on the inside flap of my iPad case? Better yet, on the inside of the refrigerator! Should I take a Sharpie to the steering wheel of my van? I could put a card in my purse or etch messages into my cutting board. Maybe I could write wonderful things on my shower walls which might also motivate me to actually CLEAN my shower walls some time too.

Or how about I bury fabulous messages in a Quick Takes post?

You are beautiful. You are gorgeous. You are stunning. You are sexy. You are glamorous.

Oh yes you are, my friend. YES YOU ARE!

I found a particularly soothing article on a friend's Facebook page. I've always known I have good birthing hips, and my daughters have kindly made me aware of my "big butt" (and they say it's a "good thing?!"Pssht!). But now I may finally have a reason to appreciate my plump posterior. And let's not offer any opinions to the contrary, okay? This is not up for debate, people. Let me dream a little.

Moms With Fat Bottoms Make More Intelligent Children

Yet another sacrifice this mother makes for the sake of her children. You are welcome, my brilliant spawn.

Here's one for the files of strange (and perhaps inappropriate!) spell check fixes. I was typing up the weekly Bible study update for the groups I am in and was including the verse from Jeremiah 31:3 which says, "I have loved you with an everlasting love." I'm super glad I proofread it because the spell check changed it to "I have loved you with an evaluation glove." Yikes! Not quite the same meaning, you think?! 

I was super touched by the kind comments and emails I got last week as I returned from my long hiatus from the Quick Takes. I had a conversation this week with a woman who was sure her life hadn't amounted to much, that she hadn't made any big difference in the world. I could totally relate and have struggled with the same feelings myself. I'm just a middle-aged woman in podunk Nebraska plunking out the silly events of my week, thinking it a good way to chronicle our family life. And yet, somehow God uses it in the lives of some of you. Crazy. That's how our God works, people. He takes the puny and makes it mean something.

In high school we occasionally had a substitute teacher I adored. A substitute! She was pretty and kind and I wanted to be just like her. Seeing her many years later spurred this post about the little things.

I guess this is a long way of saying don't ever doubt that God uses you. Don't ever think any act is too small. Few people get to know how their lives touch others. Who knows how many you have impacted without ever knowing?

Power on, friends, doing whatever it is that you do, being faithful to what God's placed in your life, knowing that YOU don't have to make it spectacular. He will accomplish His purpose through you.

I forgot to show you the fun gift Drummer Boy gave each of us at Christmas. He is a computer engraver at a trophy shop and made us all matching key chains. Each one bears a a nickname on one side and cutesy picture on the other. Here are Kevin's, mine and Princess Dawdle's.

You'll notice he got that silly meerkat reference in mine which originated in Volume 182 of the Quick Takes.  That is a dancing strawberry on the back of Princess Dawdle's and you probably can't read the back of Kevin's, but I think it's hysterical and totally gives you an idea of Drummer Boy's sense of humor. The picture of a cactus with a sombrero reads, "Cinco de Mustache."

Now, even when we're away from each other we have a daily reminder of our connection in our key chains. Thanks, Drummer Boy! And yes, Ladies Man, we're still sporting your Lego additions!

Would you believe we bought a WEDDING DRESS last weekend? (You realize you'll probably be regaled with wedding stories now until the big day in June, right? It's the price you pay for following the saga of the Boesiger family.) How in the world did I get to be the mother of the bride?! I surprised myself by not crying my eyes out with every new dress, but I will admit to tearing up when she finally chose "the one." The longer she had it on, the more I thought it looked like her and it all became more real. My spunky little girl is now going to be a spunky BEAUTIFUL bride. Wow.

(I must give a shout out to my friends at Elegant Occasions bridal store in Lincoln, NE who treated us like royalty, were exceedingly helpful and made the process smooth and painless. Cheryl, you are the BOMB! THANK YOU!)

No pics until the actual day, of course, but trust me, she'll be gorgeous.

That's gonna do it this week, friends. Have a terrific weekend! For more Quick Takes, visit Conversion Diary!